Monday, December 22, 2014

Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails...

...that's what little boys are made of.

...which is kind of exciting considering my brothers wife is due soon and she's having a boy!
Oh and beards and elephants... pretty sure they are made of those too! ;)
My brother and his wife were happy to help me pick out the right kind of colors for these projects. They are in Iowa so we did a lot of picture taking and texting! :D The elephant set to match the nursery and the hat and beard set to match my brothers beard. ^-^ 

The pattern for the elephant lovely & rattle set will be available in my etsy shop, eventually :).

I freehanded the hat & beard because I couldn't find a pattern online.
The hat is knit and the beard crocheted to match the photo my brother sent me.
The buttons were added to face away from the babies head so that they wouldn't rub against babies head and mom and dad can adjust the beard to sit where they want it. :)

I can't wait to see the little man play with these things or wear them!
Good times are ahead! :D
Thank you for looking!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Blueba & Boba Fett - Star Wars Amigurumi

If you've been following this blog for any length of time you'll know I am *super* picky when it comes to colors... I'm usually a pretty good judge of what will work and when I'm not, I usually don't get too far into a project before I change my mind. This project was the exception.

I'm a star wars fan as far as I'll watch the movies and enjoy them, but it stops there. My husband however, is a fan as well as many of his friends. All of which I'm thankful for, it helps me to appreciate movies in a much different way than I ever would have otherwise. In this instance, my husband was very instrumental in how this project turned out. My sister and I went to Michael's to find the sacred color for Boba Fett's main color. The pattern from Lucyravenscar looks like a mild variegated green blue. Cuyahoga Valley would have been perfect Michaels did NOT have this color though... womp womp... so my sister and I grabbed a navy blue/teal blue blend by Lions Brand - their heartland series color - glacier ( I LOVE THIS series by the way! All the earthy colors are GORGEOUS and make me happier than they should ;)) I went home, worked up 2 heads and the main body showed it to my husband that night to see what he thought and he lovingly told me Boba Fett's uniform/armor was not blue, if anything I could do gray. I pulled out all the green yarn I had as well to show him because having spent 5 hours working on the Boba Fetts I had already I was discouraged and needed him to back me on the fact that I did not have the right kind of green to make it look like Boba Fett. :) To my relief, he agreed all the green yarns I had were much too dark. I felt my trip to Michaels was validated and he even went on to say I need to get more yarn - lol - true story ;). Since I'm looking for a job I'm not about to run out again to be tempted Michaels, my husband said gray would work, which made me quite happy. I have lots of shades of gray. ^-^ The next day I worked on the gray Boba Fett and took a few pictures of the pair. My husband is keeping the blue guy and he gave him a fitting name of Blueba Fett. I love it! :) He totally helped me redeem my time and added his wonderful humor - lol it's good stuff. ^

At any rate I hope you like the set here too! They are definitely not your run of the mill Boba Fett amigurumi's. :) ...and I'm okay with that. ♥

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Ornaments to crochet or buy to display!

I've been a busy elf! 
In this photo there are stacked crochet stars and snowflakes! 
42 snowflakes total (waiting to be starched...) and 22 stars of various sizes! 

You can get snowflakes here.... 


get some stars here.... 

Want a Elf hat?! I have that too!!! ^-^ Find it here...

I like options. What about you? :) What else would you like to see offered as ornaments in the shop? 

PS - there are Christmas Patterns available here! :D

While I'm about to list these ornaments... I wondered - would you prefer them as garlands?

It would be big star, little star, big start, etc. 9 stars in each color.

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