Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall OUT Bobble - No? Yes?? Oh I do think so!:D

Hello! Hello!

I thought I would break my unannounced long silence of a pause (yes that made sense ;)) and say hello! :D

I have been busy, busy, busy like nobodies business! WHEW! Between an apartment flood, emergency moving into our not yet cleaned house, our vehicles breaking down the same time - which was hilarious and my post about later lol ;) - as we tried to move, not having a refrigerator for a week due to the untimely move(I'm a planner, what can I say? ;)) switching jobs (again) in the midst and the husband having health issues and calling 911 due to them - the doc's are still doing tests on him. I'm just glad I have my youth ;) ha! Anyone please tell me when you hit "old" and how you know you got there - anyone. I just want opinions. :D

Alright so that was the life side :) onto the CRAFT side! Wee! :D I've been absent from telling you what I've been up to and have been trading with fellow etsians. What a wonderful experience! :D I've traded with people from Ireland, Italy, the UK, Australia, and many many stateside :). What a great way to holiday shop! No breaking my bank you hear!?! ;)

Trading has been awesome and with that come customization to some of the pieces in the shop and new ones being made. The most recent was a new colored bear - pink and blue :). I'll try and post pics later, just on lunch break right now ;). AND you've seen the goomba :D but the very brand newest is going to be... drum roll please ;) pldldldldlldldldldlldldldldldl! The bobble head dude from Fall OUT 3. What?!?! (looks at you with attitude) ?Yep, yep, someone wants to trade for it and my hubby wants one himself so it's going to happen! :D As far as selling him I'm on the fence right now. I know lots of wives, gf and others would be relieved to find one as it's an easy gift for the gamer ja! :D However, he'd have to at least be $50 cause I know he'll be some time and work. This one will be a pattern from scratch again - so the challenge is upon me! Wish me luck and I'll try (key word *try*) to not be gone so long this next time I post :)

As always, thank you for reading and would love your comments! :D Yay!
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