Friday, January 29, 2010

NO WAY?!?! TWO treasuries? !? way...

I'm in Two treasuries at once today! :)

Talk about knock my socks off exciting! :D I will take it and thank you VERY much!

Here are the links to each:

Vineyard Vixen by CorkyCrafts

Funky and Fabulous by kimberleymade

Remember they do expire so get your butt in here an l@@k while you can ;)

The item featured in Vineyard Vixen is Grapes on the Vine - Double Strand Stretch Bracelet

And the Item featured in Funky and Fabulous is EMMA - Tiny Amigurumi Teddy :)

Thank you for looking :) By all means - please comment if you can :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's in those consistent, small steps forward that in time we find, looking back, we've grown in leaps and bounds. ~Dawn Pearson

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flowers for her...

Less than a week ago I went for a run in our neighborhood and discovered a few things while I did.

My eyes tend to catch things that others see as junk but I see as things that could be used.

ie. 5 blue tabs, 6 cents ( a penny and a nickel ), 2 pinecones, a dum dum wrapper (if you collect enough you can buy something from the site :)) a coke point and last but not least was honked at once. lol

I ran down to a corner and upon turning around so as to not cross the road I noticed a bright red fake flower, I took mental note of it and kept running, I crossed the street to other side and discover there were many more fake silk flowers and leaves scattered throughout the sidewalks... trash underfoot. Puzzled, I wondered where they had come from and why no one had bothered to pick them up. There was a lot of legitimate trash on the sidewalks as well... maybe no one was designated to pick up the trash. That's about all I can figure :s

I later realized that the flowers must have been blown at some point from the cemetary, not even a block away... and just scattered so no, no one was going to come looking for them.

Last night I finished a bowl with red accents and decided it was time to go out and grab the flower for a prop :)

I went out with a small grocery bag and a latex glove :) lol here's what I found :

and here I used the red flower :) I first saw :)

My Husbands so great - as I finished rinsing the pieces off he came into the kitchen to grab a snack, gave me a kiss and said, "oh, our sink looks pretty now" :) I love that he can be playful :) that still makes me smile just that he said that. :)

I'm sure to use these pieces in a project or as a prop, so keep an eye out, ya hear!?!? ;)


I'm pretty much flabbergasted! :D I only just listed this bowl yesterday and in truth struggled with the colors and picture taking... which normally is not such a challenge for me. (Eh, we all have our days ;)) Waking up this morning to find a new friend on Etsy has added this same basket to her treasury just made my day! :D

Without further ado here is the link to get to the treasury. Again, they do expire!

Here is the pic of the item featured in "Let's Talk Etsy" Treasury.

Click HERE to view the item in my etsy shop:)

Thank you for looking! As always, thank you for your support! :D

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Canvas of MY Room

Here is the beginning - bare canvas just needing some attention :).

As I progress I'll take pics :)so there will be some before and after action going on :)

Here we go! ....

The Nudge that sent me over the edge.. In a good way :)

I read this lovely entry by Robyn who I met through a BNS thread on Etsy...and it was just the nudge I needed to get me to share this with you :)

I've been thinking about sharing the next huge undertaking for ME - not just a craft idea but something that would benefit ME in the long run... an escape, an outlet to create in! :D In a word, Studio :).

We moved into our 1st house in October and I was able to designate a room called My Room (lol and yes, my hubby has a separate room with all his 'puter stuffs too :) called His room ;)). I can do whatever I want with My room... and so far, I have not done anything with it. It needs to be painted (at least ;)). The room had wallpaper attached to the ceiling that we pulled down but has remnants still clinging where the seams were. I have no furniture to put in there at this time... so cold in there, uninviting.

But I need that room, it seems overwhelming to start making it my studio - so I need encouragement, and I need to push myself. I need to share this so I can be accountable to others and myself.

I need a studio, this would be a dream come true for me... :)

In short, will take "the beginning" pics tonight and post them here.

So begins the journey :) I hope you will come along with me :) Thank you for reading!

(((((((((robyn))))))))))) thank you, for your post ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yes siriee Bob! :D an item of mine made it to another treasury! :D how fabulous is that?!?!

Here is the link to get to the treasury. Remember they do expire!

So here is a pic of the item featured in the Yummy Treasury :)

Click HERE to view the item from my etsy shop :)

Thank you for looking! thank you for the support !!: )

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finished U900 Ukulele Duo :)

I was asked to make the U900 Ukulele duo without having heard of them and without a pattern.

Custom orders (as always) are a learning experience for me :)! I dont' know what size thread or needle the original creator used but they did an amazing job!

I made their jackets out of aluminum foil :) and sewed on their "identities" ;).

The bunny is Usagine U, and the bear is Kumano 900.

Here is a link to see a slideshow, so you can see stills of them.

I tried to take pics like a few of the scenes I saw on the clip:)

**UPDATE** 9.22.12 I have written up the pattern for both of these guys and they can be found at my etsy store in the pattern section or if you have a ravelry account you can download them directly from there! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Beaded Knit Bag - used size 0 needles (o).(O)

it's done! it's done! it's done!


It's taken more than a year for me to complete this baby. Granted I didnt' sit down and do it from start to finish, I have done many other pieces between the start and finish of this one (believe me;) lol)

Originally it was a test pilot as I have a friend who was getting married at the end of September 2008 and I was thinking I could make one for her to use on her wedding day.

lol - yeah right ;) clearly I did not make the deadline even for the test pilot so she didn't get one - but her wedding was still as lovely as ever! :) Outdoor wedding, and well, they are in love so it was pretty friggin beautiful :) (SO happy for her :) *beams*)

I did give her a few bracelets of mine I'd made when we had out girls pow- wow just the two of us (so she did get something from me, something she could wear everyday ;) ). We stayed up doing our nails and talking like we used to when we were in Junior high :). I live states away from her now and have for several years so needless to say it was a very, very sweet time for the both of us :). Oh! For their wedding they each had only one person stand up with them... and she picked me to be her one and only bridesmaid :) le sigh... such a sweet time :).

I knit this purse with size 0 knitting needles and thread the beads as I went. Once the main portion was done, I crochetted the edges together and went on to add ruffles and a button for closure.

Alright folks, that's the beginning and end of the story (so far!) for this little beauty :). Thank you for looking!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

U900 Custom Order Amigurumi...

They are in the works! Boy does my wrist know it too! ;)

I'm just about done! Here are some pics of Usagino U Bunny and his sidekick Kumano 900 Bear :)
Here is a slideshow, so you can see stills of them:

I'll be so glad to have them finished :) I'm always happy to do custom orders but they can be really time consuming (like REALLY time consuming). There is no pattern that I 'm aware of online for this duo so I had to make them FROM SCRATCH :p.
Alright, alright, so a few pictures, albeit rough ones... :) remember they are without their metal jackets... but they will have them before long! :D

**UPDATE** 9.22.12 I have written up the pattern for both of these guys and they can be found at my etsy store in the pattern section or if you have a ravelry account you can download them directly from there! :) 

Monday, January 11, 2010

All the *noise*

... whether it's truly resounding sounding noise or all the "to do" lists... better yet, all the people you told yourself you were going to call today to catch up (it's been too long) whether you felt like talking or not. Yes, today is the day... then the day ends and you find you didn't call them, the "to do" list got 3 lines checked off but 4 more added... will you ever get a hold on things? The tasks of the day pile up and you wonder who thought you could do it all (?!?!)

Maybe you feel like you are drowning, though if someone were to lend a hand, it'd mean the world....

I hope this, brings you comfort:

"The Lord on High is mightier than the noise of many waters."

Psalm 93:4

He can bring you peace in the worst of times, and if this is you right now, I pray He does. Night! And God Bless!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

When Much is asked of you...

I received the best advice today and I needed to share it...

"Remember, just because the world is asked of you, does not mean you’d be wrong not to deliver the world.

Deliver what you can, within reason, don’t let what doesn’t get done be your burden, because it’s not."

~Donald WH Pearson

Thank you DH for your words of wisdom and speaking into my life like the counselor you are. I love you.
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