Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finished U900 Ukulele Duo :)

I was asked to make the U900 Ukulele duo without having heard of them and without a pattern.

Custom orders (as always) are a learning experience for me :)! I dont' know what size thread or needle the original creator used but they did an amazing job!

I made their jackets out of aluminum foil :) and sewed on their "identities" ;).

The bunny is Usagine U, and the bear is Kumano 900.

Here is a link to see a slideshow, so you can see stills of them.

I tried to take pics like a few of the scenes I saw on the clip:)

**UPDATE** 9.22.12 I have written up the pattern for both of these guys and they can be found at my etsy store in the pattern section or if you have a ravelry account you can download them directly from there! :)

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