Sunday, March 28, 2010

I was Run-nin...

Where to start... I've been running lately. Just yesterday I put up my first double digit distance ever... 13.74 miles... until then I was anywhere between 4 - a lil over 8 miles for one run. I've been sharing my runs on my facebook as a way to keep myself accountable to myself. Someone mentioned I would benefit from having a blog, which I have - so I'm sharing ;).

At this time I am not training for any particular event. Basically running to run and relieve the stresses of the silly rat race. So I guess I'm training for the rat race lol that I would not run if I didn't have bills to pay. Being from the midwest and having a general notion that people are decent and coming to the east coast have been an eye opening experience. That and it's definitely given me a thicker skin which I hate, but it's either that or constantly get my heart squished and beat up. No thank you. Granted it still happens, just not as often as it used to.

Right, so I'm running to run, to feel alive. I've heard the slogan "change your body, change your mind" and I believe they go hand in hand. My hope is that as I progressively get stronger day by day I will be more head strong too and able to brush off the day a bit easier as I leave it in my tracks.

I always like to ask people, if you run... why do you run?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Visitors Refuge

Patrick (my brother) is coming over!!! ^.^ Last time he was with us he had to suffer a couch - T.T I decided I was going to make up the room for him ALL cozy like ^.^

Not to my surprise once I showed my husband he said we should move into this room ^.^ lol - this is in the lower level of the house and I'm not one to prefer a basement room. This room has windows though!

Nothing has been painted since we moved in ( though I do have all the painting supplies in hand to do it! lol ).... so this will all be taken down at some point and then put back up... still so much work to do - but I needed to "nest" O.~ ... just a bit ^.^

I want to sleep there! o.~ hope my brother enjoys it ^.^ Snug as a bug in a rug ^.^

Here is other corner of the room ^.^ ready to read a book? ^.^ I am! O.~

The wall that you do not see in any of the pictures is where the door and the closet is.

This really isn't much of a "before" pic since nothing was done to the walls or carpet (beyond numerous runs of shampooing and cleaning :p) but this was the canvas I had... and this is the only pic I took before I added anything, probably 5 months ago.

JUST Realized this is worth noting - ALL pieces you see - the metal pieces on the wall, the candle holder, the lamp, the chair, the mirror, the tiny lamp, the SPACE HEATER, the chair, the mattress AND the bed skirt - ALL FREE through friends or from freecycling! ^.^ the pillows and bedspread I had for years and the roses on the wall were dried from the husband ^.^. The champagne bottle in the window was from our wedding ^.^ AND the candles are hit n miss... some free some from the family.

All to say and encourage you to take heart, you may have to do some hunting and running around for stuff but it can all come together simply and elegantly ^.^

Thank you for reading! ^.^

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I want BRAINS - Custom Made Zombie Girl! :D

Yay! This WAS FUN!!! :D

Complete with crazy hair, slime, a null for eyes :D Sooooo excited to share with you :) Here she is!

I was asked by a fellow etsian to make an amigurumi zombie that had a face like this one, with similar features, but clearly not the same body:

Thank you for looking! :D
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