Monday, April 19, 2010

***THREE Treasuries***

Pretty crazy, I know!

Please check out the following links and give them each some love!

All treasuries were made by someone on the wonderful BNS thread I am a part of - such a wonderful group of supporting artists!

Petting Zoo
Featuring New chick on the Block

Fiber Arts...East
Featuring New chick on the Block

Second Chance BNS Superstars!
Featuring Iris - Tiny Amigurumi Teddy

Remember - Treasuries only last for so long! Check them out now while you can! :D

Thank you for looking!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Struggling with the scale?

I recently read a post by a girl who is well over 200 lbs and by all accounts sounds like she has been taking the right steps towards losing weight but not nearly fast enough as she would like... I offered this encouragement and wanted to share it with others.

As always, thank you for reading!

Roar!!!!! The scale is not our friend some days is it?? We want it to show all the effort we have put in has paid off and a smaller number to show it's face and smile at us... so what do we do when it refuses to move, or even decides to go up?!?! Do we falter?? Heck yes! But who has the last word? You do! Every day you decide to make those smart choices, everyday you decide to drink your water, and everyday YOU (and only you) decide you're going to hit the gym, the pool, or whatever your heart desires to "work it out"! You look forward... not back dear! You keep on keeping on because although those numbers may be saying one thing.. your body may be doing another.. it may be water weight hanging out or better yet, it may be some lean sexy muscle trying to show up and it will weigh more than fat my dear! Do not make friends with the scale love :) make friends with your ipod, your fruits, your veggies, your machine or workout dvd of choice :). I wish changes happened over night for you, I wish it were easier, and I wish it didn't have to be a thought. But you will meet your goal love! You will! Hang in there and keep looking ahead... great things are on their way dear... beyond what you can think or imagine. hugs to you! ~Dawn

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why I run...

Its in the everyday small changes and steps that over time we can look back and see how far we have come! And the small "habits" we change today will soon be part of our routine and as comfortable as breathing. It gets easier! Kind of like the run you don't necessarily want to do, the first couple steps aren't nearly as easy as the pace you have going well into your run. Like I said... it gets easier... just have to keep putting on foot in front of the other

I keep on keeping on with my running because I want more for myself.. more than what I currently am and have now in the physical sense. I do not want to be self conscious about my "cottage cheese" nor it be a nagging thought everytime I put on something a bit more revealing, I want to enjoy myself. I deserve that and much more.

I also run to clear my thoughts and leave the stresses of the day behind... I need to physically exert myself to let go of the frustration I feel against the things I cannot change but need to endure until circumstances change.

I encourage anyone on a fitness journey to think of the soreness as a medal from yesterdays work out, you broke down and pushed your muscle to be built up again and be stronger than it was before. :) YOU did it! :D Now drink that water and take the vitamin C to support your body in quick recovery! :D You can do it! :D And no one but YOU will reap the rewards of your committment to yourself to be healthier and more active. :)

Best of luck to you all! Please feel free to share why you run, or bike, or hike, or swim (!) etc. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Journals... Nice Journals... More than $3 Journals...

when I get a really nice journal I hesitate to write in it - honestly... I normally opt for a notebook that was .50 and scribble the crap out of it in putting down my thoughts. I used to journal quite frequently before I was married, I didn't have a close friend in VA - all my friends were back at home, those who had been there physically with me through lots of things... I think my thoughts were probably overwhelming though... and they never stop... so to a journal I went to repeat myself in different fluid ways... not very often would I look back on my pages... in a sense with a journal, your thoughts are noted but you note them to be forgotten and leave the rubble behind... the substance of what you discovered comes with you though... I've thrown away and discarded the journals I logged much heart ache in.. I've written poetry and pulled poems out of my writing in the past... maybe should get back to it before I go to bed and just dump my thoughts then...

I love journals though, do not get me wrong! They are an art in themselves and it's funny how a binded, hand made piece can be so moving just to look at :) I sometimes think I should write in my best handwriting to add to it :) :D

Blank pages before you... a story to unfold... of joy, heart ache, struggle, endurance, encouragement to yourself... treasures to be realized within yourself... exciting indeed!

I have friends on Etsy who would love to have you embark on your own journal journey and provide you with the canvas... please feel free to visit Robynsart Etsy Shop. Robyn is currently embarking in a journey of journal making and would love to come alongside you with your journal writing! PaintingPam is mixing up her journals using lots of fibers - and flowers! :) Please stop by both shops and have a look see! :D

Thank you for reading!
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