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Free Amigurumi Crocheted Unicorn Horn Pattern

Free is the right price jes? Jes.

Here you go! Tell your friends where to find it, just please do not sell it as your own... and if you use it, kindly link back to this page, full disclosure mentioned at the end of this post. Thank you! I appreciate it!

Free Amigurumi Unicorn Horn Pattern

Yarn: Worsted Weight
Hook Size: 8 / H 5.00mm

Gauge: 1 inch x 1 inch = 4 rows x 3 stitches

Note: I recommend starting with the Magic Circle Technique, 
if this technique is new to you then find a step by step "how to" here.

Round 1: Sc3 in magic circle (3)

Round 2: Inc 1, sc 2 (4)

Round 3: Sc 2, Inc 1, sc 1 (5)

Round 4: Sc 3, inc 1, sc1 (6) 

Round 5: Sc 4, inc 1, sc 1 (7)

Round 6: Sc 2, Inc 1, sc 4 (8) 

Round 7: Sc around (8)

Round 8: Sc 3, Inc 1, Sc 4 (9)

Round 9:  Sc 4, inc 1, Sc 4 (10)

Round 10: Sc around (10)

Round 11: Sc 6, Inc 1, Sc3 (11)

Round 12: Sc 5, Inc 1, Sc 5 (12)

Round 13:  Sc 9, Inc 1,  Sc 2 (13)

Round 14:  Sc 3, Inc 1, Sc 9 (14)

Round 15:  Sc 6, Inc 1, Sc 7 (15)

Round 16: Sc 1, Inc 1, Sc 13 (16)

Round 17:  Sc 9, Inc 1, Sc 6 (17)

Round 18:  Sc 14, Inc 1, Sc 2 (18)

Round 19:  Sc 5, Inc 1, Sc 12 (19)

Round 20: Sc 12, Inc 1, Sc 6 (20)

Now, with a darker color purple, back stitch from the bottom of Round 20.
Up 2 rows and over 2 stitches each time until the tip of the horn, then work down again in the same way, granted you won't be able to do 2 over and 2 up once you are at the top of the horn, so just space them halfway apart (or stitches up 1 stitch over).

OR fasten the thread off once you reach the top of the horn then begin back stitching on Round 20, 8 stitches from the first line.

Once you have the initial stitches complete, using more of the darker purple thread, trace the back stitches by wrapping the thread around them like in the photo below.

Work up the thread and pull a little on the twisting thread as you go, this helps give it a "swirling" shape.

Here is Twilight Sparkle herself with a smile of approval :D ;)

All rights reserved. If you sell products made from this pattern, please link back to this post and credit Dawn Pearson/Lostsentiments as the designer. Thank you.


  1. Aiee! So cute! Am gonna make a couple of mini horns for a baby bib I'm crocheting! Thank you!

  2. Woo! That is awesome! What a fun bib idea! :)

  3. This is great!
    But what if I wanna make a longer horn? I can tell that you increase each round, but I can't see any pattern in when you place that increase ...?
    Thanks for sharing your idea! :-)

    1. Hi Memmer - thank you for asking! As you continue to make your horn longer stagger the increase so it's not right on top of the last rows increase. I staggered the increase so the first row you have the increase on one side of the circle, in the next row make sure the increase is on the other side of the circle. I hope this helps!


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