Saturday, June 23, 2012

Avatar the Last Airbender - Fire Nation Emblem Carabiner Strap Embroidery

A friend of ours requested a carabiner strap and said if I was feeling adventurous I could embroider the fire nation emblem on it. I was not about to back down from such a request ^-^. My friend sent me a photo of the fire nation emblem and I made sure that as I embroidered both sides had the logo facing the right way, so no matter how he held his keys the side facing him would always look right.  He was so excited after I sent these finalized pics to him. :) He said he was counting down the hours until he got out of work after seeing it because he couldn't wait! :)

What a compliment :) This is the kind of response that makes every order worth it :) - seeing and hearing people delight over the art I make :). Enjoy and thank you for reading!

Busy Week!

Here they are! The finished set of 3 Ewoks going to three separate places as I type! I mailed them off today - one to Germany, one to Texas and one to Missouri!

 And earlier in the week I finished the custom order for my co-worker, here is Laura's collar necklace! Laura was so patient with me getting this to her! And because of her patience I was able to make two of these necklaces and am offering the second in the shop! :) Laura was so funny, as soon as she put the necklace on she mentions now I need to make cuffs! :) LOL um, I think I can find enough fabric to make that a reality - we shall see :).


After giving Laura her necklaces I showed the second reversible necklace to Brittany (another co-worker :)) and I have an order to make a necklace for her now! :) Exciting times! I hope to get into my fabrics this week sometime to get and idea of what pieces I'll put together for Brittany's necklace (she gave me some guidelines which I leave out for sake of mystery ;)) but I like these necklaces enough that I just may make a handful more :). We shall see! ;) 

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

♫♪ What ever it is I think I see ♪♫

♫♪ becomes a Tootsie Roll to me! ♪♫

This is my current lot in life. For some reason this week I have been ravenous and will eat several meals in one sitting lol but my stomach has done well to keep up because I haven't been overstuffed. ☺ At the moment I am craving a smorgasbord of things... Burger King (chicken sandwich combo meal with a BK mocha joe... no ice please ☺), Chinese food (vegetables laden with salt and chicken please ☺) and maybe some Indian cuisine... that buttery chicken they have... *drool* To top it off as I was lamenting to a coworker of my current situation she sends me this...

...which now has me dreaming of those huge tootsie roll logs... I can see me chowing on one of those for maybe 5 minutes until its GONE lol.

Anyways, the cartoon commercial was so sweet and endearing I had to share it and thankfully I killed just enough time that its now time for lunch... though I'm not as excited as I might be if I was trekking to BK for a sammich! Nope, I'm going to the kitchen to heat up a Healthy Choice and grab a yogurt. Not appetizing :( but maybe later I will chow down on some greasy, stick to your ribs comfort food. I think I may have to just to keep my appendages intact! My arms are looking very delicious just now... like a Tootsie roll...*licks lips* ... okay! To the kitchen! ☺

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Collar Necklaces so far...

I've been busy training for a 10k with my sister and a friend of hers though I'm not signed up for a race I've been following their racing schedule which has kept me off my butt and away from crafting. This post feels like its a long time coming - 3 collar necklaces about 95% done. Both the black and feathered necklaces are reversible, all 3 need their center piece added which I am hoping I will get to this week. I hope you like the pictures - happy to be sharing the progress! :)

P.S. The pink one is made out of velvet... what a pain in the butt to work with that fabric! LOL it's slippery and even when pinned does not lay correctly. I'm glad I did not know this ahead of time because quite frankly I think velvet as a necklace is awesome. :) Be warned though, if you attempt to sew with it it acts like a wet noodle - very elusive even when you stab it with a fork!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Collar Necklace in the making...

Man, I feel like I haven't blogged in a while, I suppose there hasn't been anything significant to share. I recently tried to make another potholder but make it wider than the last one and ended up with a very ruffled pot holder. No bueno and no way would I be okay with selling it. So I pulled out the yarn on the pot holders ( really don't like half finished projects sitting around )... and what a bummer - I was looking for an "easy" project before getting back into writing patterns. You know, a kind of mental break.

Ah wells :) - meanwhile I've gotten a few custom order requests... one being for a collar necklace and I get the creative rights to it! Yay! :) LOL all my coworker said was that she wanted it light pink. This is the same coworker I made the flamingo for so when I saw the black pink/teal peacock feather fabric I had I was pretty excited about having the option to use it! And then I found a bit of pink velvet fabric (oh joy! :)) All tolled, in the end I will probably make 3 - 5 collars and see how it goes, allow my coworker to have the pick of the litter and list the rest in the shop.

Here are a few teasers to show you the fabrics :)

I'll be headed to Michaels tomorrow to look for a clasp - I'm getting excited about this project! :)

Thank you for reading!

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