Tuesday, June 19, 2012

♫♪ What ever it is I think I see ♪♫

♫♪ becomes a Tootsie Roll to me! ♪♫

This is my current lot in life. For some reason this week I have been ravenous and will eat several meals in one sitting lol but my stomach has done well to keep up because I haven't been overstuffed. ☺ At the moment I am craving a smorgasbord of things... Burger King (chicken sandwich combo meal with a BK mocha joe... no ice please ☺), Chinese food (vegetables laden with salt and chicken please ☺) and maybe some Indian cuisine... that buttery chicken they have... *drool* To top it off as I was lamenting to a coworker of my current situation she sends me this...

...which now has me dreaming of those huge tootsie roll logs... I can see me chowing on one of those for maybe 5 minutes until its GONE lol.

Anyways, the cartoon commercial was so sweet and endearing I had to share it and thankfully I killed just enough time that its now time for lunch... though I'm not as excited as I might be if I was trekking to BK for a sammich! Nope, I'm going to the kitchen to heat up a Healthy Choice and grab a yogurt. Not appetizing :( but maybe later I will chow down on some greasy, stick to your ribs comfort food. I think I may have to just to keep my appendages intact! My arms are looking very delicious just now... like a Tootsie roll...*licks lips* ... okay! To the kitchen! ☺

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