Saturday, June 23, 2012

Busy Week!

Here they are! The finished set of 3 Ewoks going to three separate places as I type! I mailed them off today - one to Germany, one to Texas and one to Missouri!

 And earlier in the week I finished the custom order for my co-worker, here is Laura's collar necklace! Laura was so patient with me getting this to her! And because of her patience I was able to make two of these necklaces and am offering the second in the shop! :) Laura was so funny, as soon as she put the necklace on she mentions now I need to make cuffs! :) LOL um, I think I can find enough fabric to make that a reality - we shall see :).


After giving Laura her necklaces I showed the second reversible necklace to Brittany (another co-worker :)) and I have an order to make a necklace for her now! :) Exciting times! I hope to get into my fabrics this week sometime to get and idea of what pieces I'll put together for Brittany's necklace (she gave me some guidelines which I leave out for sake of mystery ;)) but I like these necklaces enough that I just may make a handful more :). We shall see! ;) 

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