Sunday, June 17, 2012

Collar Necklaces so far...

I've been busy training for a 10k with my sister and a friend of hers though I'm not signed up for a race I've been following their racing schedule which has kept me off my butt and away from crafting. This post feels like its a long time coming - 3 collar necklaces about 95% done. Both the black and feathered necklaces are reversible, all 3 need their center piece added which I am hoping I will get to this week. I hope you like the pictures - happy to be sharing the progress! :)

P.S. The pink one is made out of velvet... what a pain in the butt to work with that fabric! LOL it's slippery and even when pinned does not lay correctly. I'm glad I did not know this ahead of time because quite frankly I think velvet as a necklace is awesome. :) Be warned though, if you attempt to sew with it it acts like a wet noodle - very elusive even when you stab it with a fork!

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