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Bunnicula the Vampire Bunny - Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I made one of these Bunnicula's recently and decided it was time to share this pattern with you lovely followers for FREE. If you work this guy up (watch out for the fangs!! O.O) and have ANY questions about the instructions please let me know. I'm here to help! :D 

Lastly, you might remember Bunnicula was a counterpart to his Sad Girl Miss from this post a while back :)
 ...ahhhh memories...

The Vampire Bunny Pattern
(Frankenbunny is made with GREEN yarn :))

·         White worsted weight yarn
·         1 Pair 10 mm Safety Eyes
·         Tapestry needle
·         H hook (size 8- 5.00MM)
·         Black worsted weight yarn for mouth

Finished zombie bunny will average 5 inches tall from feet to tip of ears and 1 3/4 inches wide.

·         Sc = Single Crochet
·         X = times
·         Dec = Decrease
·         Inc = Increase

Work through both loops of stitches unless otherwise indicated.

Using white yarn

Row 1: Chain 4, Sc 2 in 2nd  loop from hook, Sc 1, Sc3 in 1st chain, turn, Sc 1 (8)

Row 2: Inc 2, Inc 2, Sc 2, Inc 2, Inc 2, Sc 2 (16)

Row 3: Sc 2, Inc 1 (x2), Sc 6, Inc 1 (x2), Sc 4 (20)

Row 4: Sc 3, Inc 1 (x2), Sc 8, inc 1 (x2), Sc 5 (24)

Row 5 - 20: Sc around (24)

Between Rows 5 & 6: Place 10mm Safety eyes 4 stitches apart

Stuff body

Find the stitch in middle of the front, count 10 stitches back and mark this stitch.

Row 21: Sc 13, Chain 2, Sc in marked stitch on the back side of rabbit, move marker here.
            Row 1: Sc around, Sc 2 over the chains (10)
            Row 2: Dec around until only 5 stitches remain, then weave in ends over last 5 and sew up                                bottom of the leg.

     2nd leg: On the front side of rabbit, count 4 stitches from made leg, In 5th stitch, start leg
            Row 1: Sc 8, Chain 2, put stitch marker here (10)
            Row 2: Sc around (10)
            Row 3: Dec around until only 5 stitches remain, then weave in ends over last 5 and sew up                              bottom of the leg.

With a length of thread sew up the bottom of the body, there should be 4 stitches on each side.

Arms: Make 2
Row 1: Sc 5 in magic circle
Row 2 – 7: Sc around (5) 
Fasten Off – leaving a length of thread to use later

Ears: Make 2
Row 1: Sc 4 in magic circle
Row 2:  Inc 1, Sc 1, Inc 1, Sc 1 (6)
Row 3 – 5: Sc around (6)
Row 6:  Dec 1, Sc 1, Dec 1, Sc 1 (4)
Row 7 - 8: Sc around (4)
Fasten Off – leaving a length of thread to use later sewing the ear on the head

Sew the ears directly above each eye 3 – 4 stitches apart.
Sew the arms on between Rows 9 – 10,  4  stitches apart.

Using black thread

Sew the mouth between rows 7 & 8 across 5 – 6 stitches.
Sew the nose in between the eyes, centered.

Now let the apocalypse begin! ^-^ Muha! ;)

Please NOTE: 
This pattern is Copyright to Lostsentiments. All rights reserved.
You have permission to sell the finished item from this pattern but rewriting, reselling, distributing or copying the pattern itself is prohibited. 
Please include a link back to my etsy shop or blog in all sales/listings of items. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

When friends bring me a cartoon or drawing to bring to life and the height they want, I have to sketch it  to be sure I get the doll to scale. Above is the sketch I made to use as a guide :). 
I recommend anyone who can draw and crochet to use this method. Granted you'll be working the doll up and pulling out the stitches from time to time, but hopefully it will spare some of your time! 

Happy creating friends! 


If you would like to see the German translation of this pattern you can do so HERE. 
Kersten of fancrafts blog was ambitious enough to translate the pattern for you! :) 
Please show her blog some love as well!


  1. Thank you for such a cute little pattern. I have been searching for small crochet toys for my new baby granddaughers, this would be perfect for their little hands.

    1. Karen you are most welcome! :) If you have any questions as you work them up please let me know. I hope your grandkids get lots of playtime from your creations! Happy crafting, Dawn

  2. I love the idea and crocheted this pattern with joy. I wanted to ask to translate your pattern in german on my blog and link it to you (and translate your copyright as well)? If not, thats totally okay, but it might help some german crocheters who are even more worse in english than me :D
    Greetings Kerstin
    PS: For me its the Killer-Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail ;)

    1. Konig - I'm glad to hear you made this little guy a reality in your world! :D Thank you for asking about the translation! Please feel free to share the pattern translated into German so others can make the Killer Rabbit ;). I give you written permission to share it on your blog in German with the copyright and a link back to this page. Go wild Kerstin! And please stop back here often! ;) I'm always up to something! Thank you thank you!

    2. Awesome,
      I will link you my post as soon as the little guy goes online. Love your blog, espacially the free Amigurumis. I think I will also do the Froschkönig myself ;)

    3. Here is my german translation to your little Buddy:

    4. Thank you Kersten! :) I have updated this post to share your blog and translation of the pattern! I plan to do the same on my facebook page as well. Thanks again!

  3. ¡Me encanta! Gracias por compartir :)

  4. ¡Me encanta! Gracias por compartir :)


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