Thursday, September 18, 2014

FrankenBunny Makes a Debut! Free Pattern Link Included! ;)

Halloween is just around the corner - you know how commercialized the Holidays are anymore so I'm sure you've even seen *gasp* Christmas trees at a few stores... I know I have. But first holidays first ;) Halloween will be here soon, ghosts, ghouls, vikings, sirens, pumpkins and creatures of all kinds will be roaming around looking for candy. My guess is, Frankenbunny and his friend Bunnicula might have been doing just that the night I spotted them... they didn't find my secret stash though! Haha!

I heard some rustling around and put a spotlight on them!


At first they froze like a deer in the headlights.

 They must have realized I wasn't going to hurt them because they came up to me inquisitively...

Bunnicula kind of got in my face, very curious...

Out of no where R2D2 showed up 

and started to regulate the situation... I think they must be traveling somewhere together...

which makes sense really because they were made for a friend who has most of the star wars set and R2D2 wanted to make sure everyone got there in one piece.

Mission was eventually accomplished. *Insert big cheesy grin here*

Want to make your own Bunnicula or FrankenBunny? 
Enjoy! Muha

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