Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lanyards! :)

Granted the lighting is not the best here - I took the pics late last night so no natural light to help me out there. But I wanted ot get pics from here on out of any lanyard I make. I have sold 5 of these in different colors and shades to coworkers this week. From today I have an order for 3 more! I will post the pics up for each of those as well though it will again be later tonight ;). I have really enjoyed working on these - they come out beautifully !:)

So question for you who follow or are just passing by - do you think I should sell these in my Etsy store?? Why or why not??

Would love feed back! Thank you for reading!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Froggied Green Teddy

So just short of sending the green bear off to it's new owner. As was promised, I added the mouth to be the same colors as the accents and wanted to share :).

I should note - the customer will be adding the eyes and a tongue :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trade - Retakes and Badge holders

Alrighty, my Trade is almost complete! I made the green bear and put 'em up on Etsy to be grabbed by Atlantisak - as mentioned on a prior post he will be a froggie before too long :)

So then, now - Retakes. When I first posted pics on the shop I knew I just needed to get them up already and wasn't too familiar with my camera. All things tolled, I knew I'd be taking retakes before long. LOL so 2 months later - here are (what I think are) the last of the retakes ;)

Lastly, at work our company has us wear lanyards, or badge holders - So, I have 4 orders right now for beaded lanyards from co-works. I'm wondering if I should put them in my shop as something to sell or just keep it to people I know personally and work with. Jewelry (at least for me) is hard to sell on Etsy. Any thoughts??

Thanks all! Hope you are having a great weekend! I'm off to do some beading! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

IN my 1st EVER Treasury!

Whoa! My Heart is about ready to bust out of my chest! I'm in a TREASURY!!!! *shrieks* :D A treasury by EfiaFair! This is my first time ever and I'm so honored to be part of such an enchanting treasury at that! OHHH! (reminds self to breathe) ;)

I might add that the pick in the treasury is one I took during the same day I was in a bit of a funk - wow. Had I not tried to "pull out of it" that pic would not have been taken. Oh yays! :)

For those of you who have Etsy here is the treasury. You may not be able to view this if you do not have an etsy account unfortunately.

In all fairness - here is the pic that was featured:

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

a Painted Turtle - an adventure!

No pics with this one - just a story. :)

I have a fellow co-worker of mine, Kimmy, over almost every weekday for lunch. She's pretty amazing I tell ya, she likes fast food or dine out food and yet she is not showing any signs of growing horizontally! lol It kills me! I do not have her metabolism! :)

Kimmy normally goes out and grabs something the first half hour of lunch break and then comes over for the last half hour to eat, chat, hang out, veg, whatever :). Well it was getting on 35 minutes and she still wasn't at my place yet... I wasn't worried, just puzzled. I figured she must have gotten caught in traffic or drive through long lines, it happens...

As one turtles luck would have it, on the way to my place Kimmy spotted him in the parking/driving area of my apartment complex and saved him! Kimmy was fearless I tell ya! I don't think I would have picked him up for fear of being bit! lol But Kimmy knew a thing or two about turtles and that this particular one was a painted turtle. (which means they don't bite? ;)) A rather large one at that! Take a medium size hand and think of it with "jazz hands" gesture - you got it? Good. That's about how big this sucker was.

Kimmy wasted no time when she got into the apartment telling me the story about spotting the turtle. Had she not been there the following FedEx truck would have squashed it (no offense FedEx ;) just the truck that was there at the time). So realizing I didn't have tupperware container large enough for this lil "big" guy - to the pond! And I might add Kimmy's words here, "before he pees in my car". Right. Good thinking! :)

Off to her car, grab the turtle and in business attire complete with heels we went to the pond! Once Kimmy set him down, I forgot he was a turtle - he ran! He ran as fast as he flippin could into the pond to be rid of us!

Kimmy saved the day, but unfortunately the adventure cut into her lunch time so she didn't get to eat all of her chipotle. Darn. Proof positive - it's not easy being awesome ;).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Elegant Royal Blue Hand Knit Basket Weave Buttoned Cowl

I seem to be on a listing roll today! ;0) This will most likely be the last you will see from me though today - I need to get on the forums now and promote!

I'm very excited to share this one with you as it's my favorite color and the pattern was new to me too - I had not yet tried the basket weave stitch but found it to be quite fun once I decided to use stitch markers ;0)

Please enjoy the pics! :0) Thank you for viewing! And as always - thank you for reading!

New pics of brown blue bear

Alright - so new pics for the Blue Brown bear here - Sun wasn't out like it was yesterday that's for sure - I don't like using my flash for the most part - tends to skew the colors for me. But I think the flash actually came in handy today.

Here we are! I thought the ideas for a light brown backing were good - it was my first thought and then I realized it might be a bit dark due to not having a whole lot of sunlight working for me today - so I grabbed some light yellow fabric and a lil bit or garnish from my home decor here and went to work!

Thanks again for all the ideas! I really appreciate the input!

New listings today in the shop...

Here are more pics from yesterday - just listed in the shop! Have a look see :0)

New Teddy - Navy and Ivory -

Here is the 2nd set of vintage SILVER earrings -

I realize you can see me in the reflection - but hey - these things are shiny - okay! ;0) Lol

I think most are out celebrating Fathers day - not many views today :(...

I'll be off to retake pics of the bear I asked you all about yesterday - so be sure to check back later today! :) Thank you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What should I put in the background??

Tomorrow I will be retaking the pics for my mainly brown bear and the two toned brown and blue bear... please give me your thought on what color background to shoot them with and if you have a thought about a prop of any kind throw down a comment for me please! :0) Thank you!

I'll be sure to post the new pics I take tomorrow too! So be sure to come on back and see them! :0) Thanks again! ~Dawn

So - to get outta da funk!

I decided after 2 cups of coffee that I would list some more items in the etsy shop. Which means... PICTURE TIME!

The sun was bright and cheery for me too and man oh man was it hot!

Here are a few new earrings and some familiar earrings to my shop - but they needed new pics - let me know what you think! :) Thank you!

two newer ones are ontop

and these are earrings who needed retakes ;)

Off Day

I'm having an off day - I don't want to do anything at all... I'm tired but don't want to go to bed... that sounds lazy... ;) I have pics to take of a new bear and ideas for a few more - I'm sure at some point I will start making a different cute animal but I'm not there yet.

I'm missing Iowa today too - every so often I get homesick and really wish we were back there... I've been in VA for 7 years now and had only thought when I initially came to the east coast I would be here for 3 months to nanny. I'm really thankful for my husband, but he has his hobbies his group of friends and different needs.. I appreciate all the time he spends with me when he can, but no one person fulfils all a persons needs. I wish I had friends who were closer. My best friend in Iowa and I would spend time together scrubbing her bathroom floor - and it was so much fun for the both of us because it was something we would do together... I miss that. I think to call her a lot, but I'm just out of sorts and down, and I don't like talking to anyone while I'm like that. I'm too self absorbed at the time to really hold a good conversation. All I can think about it how I feel out of sorts and not myself :s.

hopefully tomorrow will be better. Thank you for reading. Sorry this post was a drag and not the usual witty, colorful me ;).

OH! I got a BEAUTIFUL BLOG award, but haven't posted it yet - kind of an illustration of how my day is going... I'll get it up sooner or later.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Custom Ordered bear - with a FACE :o0

Custom order is finished! A fellow Etsian had requested the gray bear and to add a face to him for her 2 year old - so here he is live, for your viewing pleasure! :)

It took 2 hours to do this. Because I was learning... I first started out with french knots made out of yarn and they were spaced too far apart for his build to carry the features and look right! :) So instead, these are the types of eyes I draw on my characters when I want them to look adorable - though it takes longer than french knots. I think he came out alright. ;) And if someone wants a face added it will definitely have to be sold for more, it's very time consuming.
Thank you for reading!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

SO I'm back! And I'm YARTING!

Oh yes, yes I am... no idea what YART stands for - I'm guessing it is the play on words of Yard Sale only we Etsians make art and are clever - thus YART sale. Works for me! :0)

I listed 2 new things in my shop today! I'm quite excited and fond of the teddy pics if I do say so myself. I will add a face to them someday and will post to tell about it! lol But until then - here is the new bear..

and a sneak peek at the other new piece -a lovely scarf! :-)

**UPDATE** 9/9/12 The scarf sold (YAY :)) But the teddies do not seem to get much love in the shop... so they are being phased out over time. Emma might stay - Coffee will definitely stay :) but they will not have faces added as previously thought. I do find them so timeless without faces :).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

vacation time!

The hubby and I are off to the Outer Banks beach tomorrow (er, today :s) so provided there is no internet connection there (kind of anticipating this but bringing the laptop just in case ;-)) you won't be hearing a peep from me for a good 5 days.

So right, I still need to shower and go to bed and wake up to be on the road at 8:30am. Can I do it? Yes! Will it pain me to? Maybe! :) but it's vacation! :) I can sleep on the way there (4 hour drive). :-D

Anyways, have a great week everyone if don't hear from me! :0) I will be working on and selling a custom hat for a friend while there - along with another bear. And, and, and! I will be finishing my royal blue cowl - so there will pictures when I get back for sure! :D

God Speed~!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Etsy shop - Chaste4u - 1st feature

I recently happened upon Chaste4u's shop in the forums and upon looking at her shop found some lovely pieces - here's my personal favorite ;)

I'd also been looking for a banner for some time - Brenna currently has a great deal on customizable Etsy Banners - only $10.00! So a course I took advantage! :) In doing so I also found Brenna such a joy to work with! Especially with my brainstorming and different ideas I had. It's hard for me to pin them down sometimes! :) God bless Brenna! So patient and gracious she was with me! :)

Enough about me though - please read on for more info on Chaste4u's new shop! Please stop in and say hello! :0)


A bit about Brenna pulled from her Profile:

Hello! My name is Brenna and I live near the shores of beautiful Lake Superior! I am a stay at home mom to two amazing little boys. I have taken my love for creative design and have applied in several different ways to home decor. I hope that you find my items unique, inspiring, and worth buying! Thank you for looking!

Chaste4u currently specializes in gifts and home decor. Right now Brenna is focusing on hand painted glass vases, picture frames, and fridge art.

Brenna uses mostly acrylic paints and loves adding decorative accents to her pieces such as rhinestones, ribbon, and three dimensional stickers.

If you see something you like in her shop but would like it done in a different style, color, pattern, or size, please let her know!


Friday, June 5, 2009

New Wool Scarf - Color - Burgundy with Black, Forest Green, Gray and Navy Accents

Here's the newest piece of lostsentiments - while no it's not the dead of winter - I felt the need to get it in the shop already :0)

Lovely rich wool scarf. Primarily burgundy with many embroidery thread accents added throughout by hand in gray and navy.

Perfect for that late night walk with just a hint of chill in the air. For sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories - just enough to cuddle with. ;) Come winter this scarf will keep you warm and keep the cold out!

This scarf is perfect for just about anyone - man or woman!

5 1/2 inches wide by 54 1/2 inches long.


Alright, check it - not yet named but here is a pic featuring yours truly's latest bear
oh yes, he will be named...

if you cannot access that thread - here are some pics from the facebook page of this lil one...

so - any ideas for the next creation? I'm thinking I should do a bug or another animal of some kind - list your ideas! I want to hear ALL of them! :) The good, the bad, and yes... the Ugly ;)

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