Sunday, September 30, 2012

Balance.... balance...

Balance is hard thing to keep you know? There are many hard things to do in life but I'm confident with God all things are possible, so I know there is hope and balance is possible. ^-^ I doubt I'll ever just arrive and be balanced always and forever, this of course would be a lie ;). I'm quite sure it's more like a journey... attaining this balance... between family, work, hobbies, responsibilities  exercising, etc. oye vey... I'm so tense right now just writing this! :) gah! :) I have been working on the collar necklaces and the blanket this weekend and will soon be working on yet another project I'm blessed to working on. :) I realize this tension is me stressing (even good things bring stress! :)) as I'm excited about the projects and I love watching them come to fruition but I also realize and am making a mental note... I really need to take some time to work out this week to help keep some balance. So I can be excited and not frazzled and tense. So I can work on my projects and be more at ease. Seriously my hips are telling me I haven't used them for a run in a while... :s bleh. :)

Alright - so onto progress! There was much made this weekend and while I listed up a storm of collar necklaces tonight (yay! :)) I also finished a custom order for cuffs and a pointed collar necklace... oh yeah... please see below :) 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall is in the air! This means hats and blankets people!

Indeed! My sister will be off running a 10 miler tomorrow morning and I just cannot get past the chill in the air to go root her on! Okay actually, no, its more because I will not get up in the wee hours of Sunday. That, that's the truth... :)

It's Saturday! I love me some Saturdays! This Saturday was a trip to pick up the sister running packet then to  Michael's to get some yarn for my next custom order! O.o It's true I have a list of orders at the moment and its true I get a little overwhelmed at times and wonder if I should be out and about (doing what I'm not sure ;) ) on a Saturday but I really love being productive and seeing the fruits of my labor okay?! ;)

Speaking of progress.. I must show you something... I found out each row of squares takes me about an hour - hey no one said handmade items were made overnight ;)

I'm still deciding who this will go to and how big I'll make it (who it goes to will be the deciding factor of course :)) but I think in the end I'll be making 3 of these kind of blankets. Each will be full of fall/winter colors and different textures. I love it! ^-^

Onto the custom order! A baby viking hat is in the works! Here is the loot from our trip to Michael's this morning :) (no worries, I paid for it...and used a coupon.. haha :)) This my friends is the beginning of my next pattern making venture... my first knit pattern venture... cover your ears there may be cursing! :) Just kidding, just kidding... 

Enjoy the weather and have no fear! Updates to come! :) 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beginning of Harlequin Pattern Blanket with Fall Colors

This weekend was another busy one for us. Saturday morning through early afternoon we helped some friends move their house into a storage unit and come Sunday helped a lil more with the last few items they needed to grab to clear the place out. I was so glad we could help this couple - we've known them for years and they've been a huge blessing to us so I'm glad for the opportunity to bless them back :). The mister worked on the car Saturday night and since early this morning... he's still at it as I type this, and I'm hopeful he'll be finished by tonight because I know the week may be very demanding as far as his job goes. Gods grace is sufficient :) - so we shall see! I managed to get the laundry done last night and finalize the patterns for the U900 set (which I'm very glad to have done. :)) and while I have a stack of collar necklaces to add buttons too I need to love myself right now by way of crochet therapy,okay? O.o This is crochet therapy at its best people :) - some rich fall hues with a fun pattern to show them off in - what more could you ask for?

I will be working on this for a bit, may not finalize it before picking up the collar necklaces, who knows. :) I'll play it by ear and post up picks of whatever I'm getting into... but of course! :)

Want to start on your own blanket? Find the Free Pattern HERE.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

U900 Ukulele Duo Pattern is Done!

True True! :)

The patterns can be found on ravelry or in the pattern section of my etsy store. :)

Now for some kawaii eye candy :) Enjoy!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

U900 Pattern...

...will be available soon :). I finalized the bodies tonight and they are pretty excited about getting their final touch... jackets :). For now its time for bed to start another week. Sweet dreams!

***UPDATE*** Patterns are available in my etsy shop here. Or via my ravelry shop here. Enjoy! :)

Adventures in the Kitchen - Paleo Recipe Reviews and Housework :)

Yesterday was a whirlwind for me. Very productive in the kitchen arena but not so much in the crocheting arena. Here was the line up:

Breakfast - My own Egg Bake Recipe

I then prepped a 4 lb chicken with veggies for the crock pot and let it sit on low for a few hours while doing the laundry and picking up around the house.

I had received some sweet potato sticks from a co-worker on Friday who, much to her chagrin had thought she was getting carrots :) lol - oh dear.. I'm sure she was a wee bit tired when she grabbed them, but I told her I'd take them off her hands and make them into Sweet Potato Fries.  I followed a Paleo Recipe I found online for the fries though I didn't have parchment paper :) and soaked the sweet potatoes for about 40 minutes and then put them in the oven like the instructions said... I really  wanted to try my hand at making home made mayo and having those with the chicken and fries so... out with the hand blender :)

DUDE - do yourself a favor and READ the directions TWICE for recipes. I cannot tell you how many times I read the recipes, and was so excited to try them that I skimmed over the parts after the list of ingredients :).  Save yourself the time and effort to slow... down :). The Paleo Mayo took more than 10 minutes... I only started to time myself when I realized the emulsification was not happening for the oils and I might be standing there all day hoping for something to magically take place. I finally decided since I had used 1/2 c coconut oil and 1/2 cup bacon grease that I had melted to pour that I would be doing myself a favor to try and freeze it. Time was running out and the fries were just about done. (!) :)

Long story short about the mayo, the freezer worked its magic, I put in the 3 T lemon juice (too much) and added some Sea Salt (too much) so the batch might go to the birds ;). But I will try it again until the taste is to our liking. I've been saving the bacon grease every time we make bacon so mayo is a perfect use for it :)

Waste not want not, no? :)

Chicken and fries done - check. Egg bake leftovers put away and pan ready to use for Paleo Meatloaf -check.

Swap out laundry (again :)) and after Paleo Meatloaf was in the oven I sat down to pay a few bills with coffee in hand. LOL

Bills done, laundry fluffed and hung up - onto mixing up the batter for Vanilla Coconut Flour Cookies ~ Sugar and Grain Free  :)

***BING*** Meatloaf's ready :)

Paleo Meatloaf was a great recipe - easy to throw together, put in the oven and off to the next thing for an hour and a half. I will say my family isn't partial to red peppers and we had zucchini laying around (yay! :)) so  I swapped those ingredients out and LOVED it ! :)

mmm - meatloaf :) 

The Vanilla Coconut Flour Cookies batter was very dense and the cookies even more so... though somehow they were also spongy :). Since the family liked them I will probably make them again and experiment with the ingredients until i get the right consistency.

After serving up the cookies I also had an idea that since the cookies very much remind me of cupcakes they would do well with frosting :)... I don't have the ingredients on hand for a cream cheese frosting ( requested by the mister :)) but I will be venturing to the grocery today for some just to have the cookies ready for the Redskins game today :).

And... the mister said that they would make a really good cookie sandwich with the frosting - clearly we were on the same wavelength here since I had not mentioned frosting out loud yet :).

I did manage to finish some parts of my crochet pattern  for the Rabbit of U900 and feel pretty confident I could finish the crocheting part today once I have my errands ran and can sit and focus.

Lastly though by the end of yesterday I was very tired... I could not fall asleep because I was excited about the ideas I (finally) have for my bright red yarn! :D I have a bunch that was passed onto me and its so bright and vintage and there's so much of it...  what could I possibly do with it? I have a friend who is originally from Japan and came over when she was 18 not knowing English but has stayed in the US, learned English and is very much in love with her Japanese culture and wants to pass on the traditions, etc to her children. A light bulb went on that she may appreciate a throw blanket that is very similar to the Japanese flag only in granny square form. I will share pictures as I work it up when the time comes but I am too excited not to share the idea at least. :)

I hope you are enjoying the day! I know I am! :) Be blessed and thank you for reading!

NOTE: A great place to find the recipes I mentioned above all in one place is on my pinterest board for Paleo Style Eating - Enjoy!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Blanket Palette

SUPER excited about this color palette! I have many many skeins that I need to put to good use and figured it was time to make a blanket :). I asked a friend for a few details about the color scheme of her room and the colors she might like - went home and pulled out ALL of my yarn. It was scary! :) ;) Okay not really. If anything was scary it was the colors I had that I didn't like or want to use :/ (Bright red, variegated yarns, peach... hmmm) - I'm sure I'll figure something out - if I have to dye yarn by golly I will! :)

For now - here is the palette of the blanket all prepped in a basket for me to pull from once I get a few pressing projects done :). Love me some fall colors and of course, my friend does too :) Enjoy the day!

Blues, blues, blues! And lovely brown and jeweled hues... with splashes of green and gray - this is going to be so much fun :) 

***Update*** I realize I didn't share the PATTERN I'll be using for these lovely colors - they call it harlequin and is free :).

U900 Ukulele Duo in the making

Last weekend I made headway on the body of the bear with all appendages and such :). Though this pattern has a new added element of felt shapes that will need to be part of the pattern so people can make the expressions as well :). I've taken to Microsoft paint for now to recreate the shapes but I have yet to tackle the shape of the jackets for them. That is something I will hope to accomplish this weekend. Pinterest is serving to be a blessing and a curse this with so many inspiring posts but its such a time sucker at the moment too! I check out a board and before I know it 15 - 20 minutes have passed! Needless to say in an effort to finish the patterns this weekend I will be fasting from Pinterest. Here are a few pictures of U900's bear as it progressed through last weekend. I look forward to sharing more pics as the creations come to fruition. :)

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