Saturday, September 15, 2012

U900 Ukulele Duo in the making

Last weekend I made headway on the body of the bear with all appendages and such :). Though this pattern has a new added element of felt shapes that will need to be part of the pattern so people can make the expressions as well :). I've taken to Microsoft paint for now to recreate the shapes but I have yet to tackle the shape of the jackets for them. That is something I will hope to accomplish this weekend. Pinterest is serving to be a blessing and a curse this with so many inspiring posts but its such a time sucker at the moment too! I check out a board and before I know it 15 - 20 minutes have passed! Needless to say in an effort to finish the patterns this weekend I will be fasting from Pinterest. Here are a few pictures of U900's bear as it progressed through last weekend. I look forward to sharing more pics as the creations come to fruition. :)

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