Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beginning of Harlequin Pattern Blanket with Fall Colors

This weekend was another busy one for us. Saturday morning through early afternoon we helped some friends move their house into a storage unit and come Sunday helped a lil more with the last few items they needed to grab to clear the place out. I was so glad we could help this couple - we've known them for years and they've been a huge blessing to us so I'm glad for the opportunity to bless them back :). The mister worked on the car Saturday night and since early this morning... he's still at it as I type this, and I'm hopeful he'll be finished by tonight because I know the week may be very demanding as far as his job goes. Gods grace is sufficient :) - so we shall see! I managed to get the laundry done last night and finalize the patterns for the U900 set (which I'm very glad to have done. :)) and while I have a stack of collar necklaces to add buttons too I need to love myself right now by way of crochet therapy,okay? O.o This is crochet therapy at its best people :) - some rich fall hues with a fun pattern to show them off in - what more could you ask for?

I will be working on this for a bit, may not finalize it before picking up the collar necklaces, who knows. :) I'll play it by ear and post up picks of whatever I'm getting into... but of course! :)

Want to start on your own blanket? Find the Free Pattern HERE.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)

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