Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall is in the air! This means hats and blankets people!

Indeed! My sister will be off running a 10 miler tomorrow morning and I just cannot get past the chill in the air to go root her on! Okay actually, no, its more because I will not get up in the wee hours of Sunday. That, that's the truth... :)

It's Saturday! I love me some Saturdays! This Saturday was a trip to pick up the sister running packet then to  Michael's to get some yarn for my next custom order! O.o It's true I have a list of orders at the moment and its true I get a little overwhelmed at times and wonder if I should be out and about (doing what I'm not sure ;) ) on a Saturday but I really love being productive and seeing the fruits of my labor okay?! ;)

Speaking of progress.. I must show you something... I found out each row of squares takes me about an hour - hey no one said handmade items were made overnight ;)

I'm still deciding who this will go to and how big I'll make it (who it goes to will be the deciding factor of course :)) but I think in the end I'll be making 3 of these kind of blankets. Each will be full of fall/winter colors and different textures. I love it! ^-^

Onto the custom order! A baby viking hat is in the works! Here is the loot from our trip to Michael's this morning :) (no worries, I paid for it...and used a coupon.. haha :)) This my friends is the beginning of my next pattern making venture... my first knit pattern venture... cover your ears there may be cursing! :) Just kidding, just kidding... 

Enjoy the weather and have no fear! Updates to come! :) 

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