Sunday, April 29, 2012

Amigurumi Flamingo is done!

I just couldn't wait till tomorrow to get pictures of this cutie in "natural light" so I did what I could through the photo editor and may update the pics at a later date. But she is done! I'm so pleased with how she turned out! Initially when I was working her up I had started at what is now the bum thinking I would use it as the head.  I later realized that the body would need to be much bigger in comparison, and since I was trying to keep this little one at 4 - 6 inches tall I decided the head shall be a bum! :) lol She does measure in at 6 inches! :) 

This flamingo was originally ordered by a co-worker of mine who loves flamingos. She has an assortment of flamingos adorning her desk, from fluffy flamingos, to furry flamingos, to a metal flamingo that is a lawn ornament. Yes, this is on her desk :). At any rate, this flamingos color scheme matches that of the lawn ornament she has on her desk. I consider this, the "mini me" version. 

Flamingo has movable legs and wings as well as a movable neck. A plastic coated wire was inserted inside the length of the neck to sturdy it for a more realistic look and to add a posing options. 

I tried to replicate the color scheme of this flamingo here - yes, the lawn ornament : ) 

Alright, well that about does it for me for one weekend, I dare say I'm spent! But my custom orders are all caught up for the time being so that lets me focus on polishing up my patterns until someone comes a calling for other knit or crocheted goodies ^-^. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much for reading! 

***UPDATE: You can now purchase your very own pattern of this flamingo here or download it here. Thank you!***

Flamingo Amigurumi Pattern is well on its way!

The body of this flamingo just got finished today :) I'll shared more pictures later... details about the patterns  pattern testing to follow too! For now enjoy the sneak peek :) Happy to be sharing :)

***UPDATE*** Pattern is now available in my etsy shop ---> here ! :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fast and Furious Lacy Scarf - with FREE Pattern

I like to knit through the back loop when knitting. This is something I discovered I did when I'd try a pattern and end up making the finished item much too tight. I knit continental (vs. english style) too for what its worth :). At any rate I recently tried out a pattern and while working up the pattern wondered to myself if this scarf would turn out quite different from the photos of other scarves I've seen using this stitch or not. I'm 3/4 of the way done with the scarf and realize knitting through the back loop only makes all the difference and am now able to share the pattern with you because of my knitting laziness lol :). 

The scarf works up quickly, so keep this pattern in your back pocket if you need to make a last minute gift for someone!

The stitch is worked in multiples of two. For this specific scarf I casted on 26 stitches and worked it until I almost ran out of yarn (leaving enough to FO and weave in the ends).

What you will need:

-         Any size needles you want to use
-         As much yarn as you want to use up! :)

Gauge does not matter – this pattern is meant to be fun – go wild! :)

Worked in Multiples of 2 – cast on an even number of stitches and remember to WORK THROUGH BACK LOOP ONLY (tblo) for all stitches. Also, abbreviation YO equates to Yarn Over.

          Row 1: K1(tblo), *YO, K2tog (tblo)* repeat to end, K1(tblo).

Repeat this row over and over again until you’ve reached the desired length and bind off.

Once you get going, if you have any issues I recorded this video to help you out. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any issues though. I'm here to help!

Voila! There you have it! I hope you and your friends enjoy! :) Would love to see your finished designs! I’m on ravelry too as Cranberrry if you would like to share!

Please NOTE: 
This pattern is Copyright to Lostsentiments. 
You have permission to sell the finished item rom this pattern but rewriting, reselling, distributing or copying the pattern itself is prohibited. 
Please include a link back to my etsy shop or blog in all sales/listings of items. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Large Amigurumi Teddy Bear From Scratch

She's done! I think she looks like a "Petunia" but its not up to me to name her - just saying ;).

I did write up her pattern as I went and plan on making a few alterations on the next bear venture. As mentioned in the past I see possibilities of a bear/bunny pattern here but we'll see what unfolds!

Here is my teddy bear for your viewing pleasure! Thank you for reading always love having people here on the blog ! ^-^ I hope this teddy brightens your day and makes you go "awe". :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gothic Lacey Choker

I recently had a request for a crocheted choker that was lacy and didn't hang too far down on ones neck. The request comes from a classmate of mine who has a little one who loves to pull at any of her necklaces that dangle. Needless to say I was tickled pink to be able to make her a little pretty to don her neck that wouldn't entice her little guy as much as a dangling necklace might AND come up with something she had fun wearing! I started it the other night after ordering the purple thread online (can you believe JoAnn's and Micheal's did NOT have purple crochet thread in their store?!?!) at any rate, I finished 'er up and wanted to share :)


Thank you for reading! Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ashes...and Wine

I present:   Ashes... and Wine

I had a lot of fun with these pictures too - I really like how they turned out. You never know what setting will peak someones interest and make them come into a listed item as they are perusing your shop... so variety is good :) 

I've been busy!

Last weekend I supported my husband by spending a day in a rather large garage with him and a bunch of their guys who wanted to get their mitts on an antique shelby cobra. While I knew we would be there a while since we were reconnecting with the car owner after not seeing him for about 5 years I didn't realize we'd spend about 8 hours sitting around as moral support (!). But I had thought ahead and packed projects to keep my hands busy while there :)

I made a lot of progress on this scarf and later in the week finished it :)

This is my youngest sister modelling the scarf for me :) She is so gracious to let me do this! That and I think she is so adorable in this picture I'm more than happy to share it with you! :)

The above pictures are ones I took the same night I finished the scarf - on the desk of my white room by the lamp light, thank God for photo editing websites :). 

Since finishing this scarf I've made two others... both primarily during yesterday's roadtrip to see the hubby's dad... one on one time with the mister for 4 hours each way and some crochet time, what more can a girl ask for? :)

I'll share the cowls shortly!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Classy Crochet Scarf in Real Teal Yo!

 My parents and older sister from Iowa came to visit this weekend, so I had some tv and driving time to crochet :) I originally was looking for a pattern to knit this yarn with...

For real this is made from Real Teal! :) A beautiful teal from Red Heart Solids and I simply could not pass it up! I eventually found a worth while pattern that was textured and had some pretty edging. I changed the pattern a bit so the edging was more to my liking and here you have it :)

***UPDATE*** - for those of you without a ravelry account - here is my variation of the edges:

slst in 1st sc in the row, ch 3, skip one sc, hdc in 2nd sc, ch1 repeat to end of row.
sc in last ch of row, ch 3, sl st in 1st sc made sc 3, ch3, slst in last sc made repeat to end.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Colorful Crochet Pot Holder

Project #2 made from the yarn mom and dad sent me are these fun, colorful anthropology like potholders! The pattern can be found here if you want to make one of your own :). I made these with an H hook and held double-yarn throughout to add some density. I personally do not recommend using them to pull things out of the oven but as trivets and hot pads to don your table before you set your fresh baked goodies on them :). Hope you like these! :)

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