Sunday, April 29, 2012

Amigurumi Flamingo is done!

I just couldn't wait till tomorrow to get pictures of this cutie in "natural light" so I did what I could through the photo editor and may update the pics at a later date. But she is done! I'm so pleased with how she turned out! Initially when I was working her up I had started at what is now the bum thinking I would use it as the head.  I later realized that the body would need to be much bigger in comparison, and since I was trying to keep this little one at 4 - 6 inches tall I decided the head shall be a bum! :) lol She does measure in at 6 inches! :) 

This flamingo was originally ordered by a co-worker of mine who loves flamingos. She has an assortment of flamingos adorning her desk, from fluffy flamingos, to furry flamingos, to a metal flamingo that is a lawn ornament. Yes, this is on her desk :). At any rate, this flamingos color scheme matches that of the lawn ornament she has on her desk. I consider this, the "mini me" version. 

Flamingo has movable legs and wings as well as a movable neck. A plastic coated wire was inserted inside the length of the neck to sturdy it for a more realistic look and to add a posing options. 

I tried to replicate the color scheme of this flamingo here - yes, the lawn ornament : ) 

Alright, well that about does it for me for one weekend, I dare say I'm spent! But my custom orders are all caught up for the time being so that lets me focus on polishing up my patterns until someone comes a calling for other knit or crocheted goodies ^-^. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much for reading! 

***UPDATE: You can now purchase your very own pattern of this flamingo here or download it here. Thank you!***

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