Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Classy Crochet Scarf in Real Teal Yo!

 My parents and older sister from Iowa came to visit this weekend, so I had some tv and driving time to crochet :) I originally was looking for a pattern to knit this yarn with...

For real this is made from Real Teal! :) A beautiful teal from Red Heart Solids and I simply could not pass it up! I eventually found a worth while pattern that was textured and had some pretty edging. I changed the pattern a bit so the edging was more to my liking and here you have it :)

***UPDATE*** - for those of you without a ravelry account - here is my variation of the edges:

slst in 1st sc in the row, ch 3, skip one sc, hdc in 2nd sc, ch1 repeat to end of row.
sc in last ch of row, ch 3, sl st in 1st sc made sc 3, ch3, slst in last sc made repeat to end.


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♥ Dawn

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