Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lovely blues...

A trip to the grocery store had me taking a detour to Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics tonight.

I have a custom order for The Scholars Collar Scarf and needed to grab more yarn.

I checked Michaels first for the sapphire blue I needed and no dice... I did however spot an amazing teal color that I had to make mine! As I looked at it the color seemed to dance in front of my eyes - its so vibrant!

My thinking is to make some heart bunting with this beautiful color like that of one I have in my shop.

With Real Teal in my hand I scanned the rows one last time at Michael's yarn selection for the blue I needed and saw there was a sale on Sugar n Cream cotton (oh yes! ;)) Of course I have an idea for this blue too! I want to knit up a beautiful open work soap sock...

Onto JoAnn Fabrics - we found our sapphire blue within a few seconds of reaching the yarn area and then I spotted a beautiful pink that I somehow managed to walk away from... I reasoned I have lots of yarn already (if its possible ;))

Here is the beautiful blue we'd been working our way to, discovering other wonderful hues along the way :)

oh ideas, ideas... so little time so many colors...

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