Saturday, January 21, 2012

The White Room.. Decorated

It's done! It's been done... for a while. Though I was hoping to post pictures when I gotten a bed frame I liked and had a new home in the house for the trunk but this is reality and its been far too long without sharing, so here are the pics :)

I love how it feels cold, yet cozy... for now I have no vision for the walls and have found in the process of decorating the house that I like mirrors... we have at least one in every room except the sitting room upstairs. I like that mirrors reflect light and open up the room, frames can be ornate as well which add to the decor but mirrors are hard not to love :)

I hope you enjoyed the update! :) Happy decorating everyone! Thank you for reading!

UPDATE 9/8/13:

I've since gotten a daybed scrolly frame from a freecycler for this room! :) I also was able to move the trunk into the study and acquired a samller night stand. I will of course need to piant the night stand at some point but it makes a much better nightstand than the file cabinet I had there before ;). The room has gotten a bit more "white" since I last took pictures... here are a few updates...

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