Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chewbacca's fur just got furrier!

The first Ewok and Chewbacca I made was with wool-ease thick & quick super bulky weight yarn...

...only I had people help me make it less chunky. Yes we unraveled the chunkiness first by hand, (which proved to be quite cumbersome as you can imagine)THEN I believe it was the husbands idea to stick the end of the yarn in a drill and hit reverse. I must say it is a brilliant idea! Cut my time in half unraveling the chunky thread! That and my sister and a friend of ours assisted me by holding the drill with the yarn attached at the end of the hall way - I at the other end of the house made sure the two parts were unraveling from each other while my sister would then proceed to make balls from them for me to use :)

Of course this process IS necessary :) How else will you get such brilliant variegated color for an Ewoks skin? :)

So now that I have my Ewoks skin set in place for the next few Ewoks I will make... I grabbed another skein of yarn from JoAnn Fabrics tonight and my sister pointed out a different kind of yarn with brown and gray hues throughout that looked perfect for the future Chewys! :) I present Dark Brown/Angel Hair Yarn.

This is soft and already thin enough to use for future Chewbacca's :) Yay for low maintenance ;) I wanted to share the fun find and a bit of the process of how these lil creatures come about. :) I am really picky when it comes to color and texture. I hope it shows! :) In a good way! ;) Will post a furry Chewy once he's ready for a close up!

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