Sunday, February 12, 2012

...and then, there were three...

... three C3PO's that is!

Yes it's true! I had 2 orders for them and I figured I was on a roll, why not make yet another for the shop for someone who has yet to discover they want one :).

I nabbed this pattern from a talented etsy artist Lucy Raven - she has a set of 12 patterns you can grab which is cool :) Her success in pattern selling gives me hope for my own pattern selling in the (hopefully in the not too distant) future. Don't get me wrong I love to crochet these lil guys but I realize times will change and I won't always be able to get to my hook and yarn but I still want to be involved in inspiring others to get their craft on! :)

Up next to be hooked is Darth Vader O.o so stay tuned... there should be a triplet set of them as well coming up.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! Thank you for reading!


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♥ Dawn

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