Sunday, December 13, 2009

Amigurumi Totoro Pattern for you :)

Sharing! :)

This is really a rough pattern - so you'll have to work with me on it -
here goes nothin...


1) sc 7 in magic ring (7)
2) sc1 & inc 1 in each sc around (14)
3) sc2, inc1 repeat around (21)
4) sc3, inc1 repeat around (28)
5) sc4, inc1 repeat around (35)
6&7) sc around in each (35)
8) sc 14, dec 2, sc 14 dec 2
9) dec1, sc2, dec1, sc1,dec1, sc3, dec1, sc1, dec1, sc5, dec1 sc5, dec1
10) sc3, dec1, sc2, dec1, sc2, dec1, sc3, dec1, dec1, 3scstart of 11th row to end - dec1, sc3, dec1, sc30, inc1, sc11, dec1, sc8, dec1 sc38

Here's where the ears come into play -
 dec next 4, sc1, sc1 into the sc on the OTHER side of the circle in the chain right before the 4 dec sc.
you are making the first ear at this point -
*sc next 7, inc1, sc1, inc1, sc2, dec1, dec to end.

Next ear you work the remaining stitches left on the body so by the end of the first row around you have 4dec and 2sc then continue from *
the tail you will be crocheting directly onto totoros bum -
row one pick up 5 stiches in a circle row two sc twice into each sc ending the 2nd row with a total of 10 stitchesrow three dec 5 knot and your done!
now the arms - they were tricky for me - so tricky in fact I just realized per my notes I didn't write them down...

I do remember I added the arms sinmilar to the way I crocheted on the tail...

Row 1 - crochet 3 stitches into the totoro's side wherever you'd like his arm to be - chain 3 without inserting into the body - sc around inc on the sides of the arms only each time you sc around. work in this way until you have reached your desired length and width. the arms may be loose so feel free to thread the upper part of the arm back into the body if you dont' want him to flap too much.
and the circles on the bellies - are just that - work rows 1 - 5 on the body and keep increasing 7 per row until desired size is reached. Sew onto totoro.

Hope most of you found this helpful - I've never shared pattern of my own before so as mentioned you'll have to bear with me - would love to see some of your completed work if you brave this pattern! :D

Best of luck all! Hugs, Dawn

***This is a free pattern of my design, so please do not sell it. Otherwise, use as you like, but if you make this Totoro to sell you must include a link to this pattern. Thank you!***

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Bobblehead Stand

... is finished - and he is now "complete" my mister said it was pretty much imperative that I make a stand to go with him - so while it took longer to do and my fingers hurt :S the mister was right :) . Mr. Bobblehead can stand on his own now too without much coaxing so its good stuff ;). Here are updated pics - enjoy! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Amigurumi Bobblehead of Fallout 3

Oh yes, this was a custom order! A brilliant one I might add! How many husbands out there play this game and wish the Bobblehead were real?? Well my friends, this lil beaut is the kind he can take to bed and remember what it's like to be a kid! :D Or... have at his desk as a conversation piece - the skies the limit really :). Bobblehead stands from top of his hair to the heel of his boots - 7 inches tall. Bobblehead is complete with safety eyes and everything else is thread or poly filled! Your husband or boyfriend is wondering why you haven't purchased him yet... ;)

So that was my sales pitch :) and here he is....

Minus the first pic of course as that's the real deal plastic bobble head I was going for. I am my selves worst critic its true, I think his eyes should be oval, his smile more horizontal - his blue legs longer and his black boots a bit shorter, oh yes and his head more of a sphere than an oval. Le sigh... all things tolled, making this man out of thin air and going to town with a thread and a hook, it's pretty impressive. :) I thought I was finished with him last night when my husband informed me that he needs to have a stand - that's part of the bobble head, and he's right. I don't play the game so I didn't know. It was a bummer to hear that though - in that I wanted to be done with him - I'd spent all Sunday working on this guy (and honestly my fingers are sore) so to ask me to keep going when I thought I was done was really a taller order than anything else.

So do stay tuned - he will rightfully have his stand and I will post pics. :)

Thank you as always for reading folks - I appreciate the support! All C&C welcome :D M-wah!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Friend Totoro and HIS Friends :)

Hey Hey! :D

Not sure who is into Anime or not and even then there are many many different types of anime shows so if TOTORO rings a bell - then have I got something for you! :D

I'm doing a trade on Etsy with glamasaurus for some awesome cufflinks for the brother in law and the hubby - Wee! :) I made the pattern up and used different thickness of thread to make them bigger or smaller. The pattern is my own as I said, and I think this one will be the first I share with everyone. Including Crafster and Ravelry cause they have been so good to me - yay for community. The Frog Prince and New Chick on the Block will remain a secret to everyone but me :oo. So stay tuned for (my) Totoro's pattern in an upcoming post that will out live me - so freaky... ;)

I really dig the custom orders cause they challenge me - but I'll be honest in saying I have a backlog of orders to finish - so yay this is one done! :D Now onto the bobble head doll! :D I will post pics of him when I am done. For now - enjoy Totoro and his friends ;) Until next time - all the best loves! :D M-wah!

PS - the original cartoon sketch I was "trying" to emulate with the fabric and pics of my own :D is at the very top - enjoy this too ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall OUT Bobble - No? Yes?? Oh I do think so!:D

Hello! Hello!

I thought I would break my unannounced long silence of a pause (yes that made sense ;)) and say hello! :D

I have been busy, busy, busy like nobodies business! WHEW! Between an apartment flood, emergency moving into our not yet cleaned house, our vehicles breaking down the same time - which was hilarious and my post about later lol ;) - as we tried to move, not having a refrigerator for a week due to the untimely move(I'm a planner, what can I say? ;)) switching jobs (again) in the midst and the husband having health issues and calling 911 due to them - the doc's are still doing tests on him. I'm just glad I have my youth ;) ha! Anyone please tell me when you hit "old" and how you know you got there - anyone. I just want opinions. :D

Alright so that was the life side :) onto the CRAFT side! Wee! :D I've been absent from telling you what I've been up to and have been trading with fellow etsians. What a wonderful experience! :D I've traded with people from Ireland, Italy, the UK, Australia, and many many stateside :). What a great way to holiday shop! No breaking my bank you hear!?! ;)

Trading has been awesome and with that come customization to some of the pieces in the shop and new ones being made. The most recent was a new colored bear - pink and blue :). I'll try and post pics later, just on lunch break right now ;). AND you've seen the goomba :D but the very brand newest is going to be... drum roll please ;) pldldldldlldldldldlldldldldldl! The bobble head dude from Fall OUT 3. What?!?! (looks at you with attitude) ?Yep, yep, someone wants to trade for it and my hubby wants one himself so it's going to happen! :D As far as selling him I'm on the fence right now. I know lots of wives, gf and others would be relieved to find one as it's an easy gift for the gamer ja! :D However, he'd have to at least be $50 cause I know he'll be some time and work. This one will be a pattern from scratch again - so the challenge is upon me! Wish me luck and I'll try (key word *try*) to not be gone so long this next time I post :)

As always, thank you for reading and would love your comments! :D Yay!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goomba! In All His Grumpy Glory! :D

A co-worker of mine is a mario fan and when she found out what amigurumi was - she put my talent and her taste together and sent me to this blogspot where goomba was made amigurumi! I got the IDEA of how to make a goomba by looking at this pic (and many many others) and set to work! :D Two nights later - here he is in all his grumpy glory! :D

He did not want pics by the way - especially the one where he was full frontal - he really gave me attitude! :s They were worth it ;) He's off to his new home tomorrow :D Whether he likes it or not! ;)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yup, and they are ON SALE!!!! - So please, tell your friends! ;)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


**** MOVING SALE ****
That's RIGHT! :) As you may already know I recently purchased a house and will be moving soon! To celebrate, I've decided to run a sale from now until the end of Labor Day Weekend, Monday September 7th!


JEWELRY is 60% off!

BUT WAIT - that's not ALL - since I really appreciate my followers on this blog, I want to also give you the chance to save EVEN more !:)

So - that piece of mine you may have had your eye on for a bit - convo me and tell me which one you want and **I'll take an extra 10% off for you from the sale price!**
PS - while the moving sale does NOT include the amigurumi's - this is your chance to save 10% on one just for being a follower of my blog! :)
Thank you everyone!

Friday, August 28, 2009


in wonder land of course! :)

I recently made a comment on fellow blogger Creative Coquette's blog (which you MUST check out! she find the most amazing pics! :) eye candy for your imagination!) and wanted to share it with you! :)

She asked a good question - what Alice in wonderland character is your favorite. And in the journey of sharing a bit about myself with complete strangers - LOL - I decided to share my response with you ...

I have heard that whomever wrote Alice in wonderland was high when doing it lol - hard to know though - since quotes like that of the Mad Hatter:

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?"

- are upside down and all around yet make sense... so were they were really high or just genius? ;)

My favorite character would be Alice of them all before seeing Tim Burton's take on the story - because she is just SO curious (like me ;)) and she is all assuming (like me) that people (things, creatures, the like - lol) are all for each others greater good... and then of course (like me) get upset when they prove otherwise - and then yes, sometimes the words will come out asking why they'd do such a thing!

I think of when the cards painted the roses red. Honest mistake to have planted the wrong color ;) - so yes (like me) Alice helped them. And when the queen found out and said off with their heads Alice protested,

Alice: Oh, please, please! They were only trying to..

albeit with only a few words... ;)

If you'd like a quick trip down memory lane of the Disney scene where Alice first comes in contact with the cards I tried to get the clip on the post but it failed. :S

Here is the link from YouTube

What is your favorite Alice in wonderland character?? Hmm?? :D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Duke Veal MeatLoaf Recipe - Low Carb

uh... recipe on my blog!? Stranger things have happened! O.oAnd one for GROUND VEAL?!?! Really? Um... yes, 'fraid so!

Here's the story folks - the low carb way of eating is working wonders for my husband and I - and well, veal is on the list of acceptable things to eat! :D. There was a pound of ground veal on sale a bit ago and I grabbed it -why not? Mix it up a bit with the other meats.

Later on - I'm scratching my head every time I think about that ground pound of veal in the freezer. "What am I gonna do with that?!"

*think, think, think*

Patties? No - might as well just have a burger. Not even sure we're too keen on the taste of veal yet :s.

Brown it? With seasonings?? Uh... okay but what seasonings?? Again, we sure we'll like the taste?


Not knowing a great deal about veal - I put off using that ground pound for a bit.

Funny enough, tonight I wanted to go out and get a meatlovers omelet from a diner but know to spend money right now, just isn't a great idea... so.. internets here I come!

I'm a searchin' and a huntin' for a recipe for ground veal, low carb. Com'n google don't let me down! :D

Up came a few websites and after a good bit of time I found a Veal Loaf recipe. Hrm, hrm, hrm... not low carb.

*scratches head*

I can work with this, yes, yes I can. It may call for bread crumbs, but instead I! - have cheddar cheese! It may call for margarine, but no! I have real butter! and oh you non low carb recipe - you may call for ricotta cheese but I have none! I will use cream cheese and you WILL taste yummy! I declare it! SO let it be written, so let it be done ;0) tee hee....

I must share this low carb yummy recipe with you - if only to keep a record of it for myself to refer back to in the future to recreate the tastiness! :D

For YOUR reference ;) HERE is the original recipe.

What to call my recipe now...

ah-ha! DUKE VEAL LOAF :D (such wit! ;0) lol)

2 teaspoons butter
1 stalk minced celery,
2 tablespoons minced onion,
1 lb ground veal
1/4 cup cream cheese (or ricotta cheese)
1 egg, beaten
3 tablespoons grated cheddar cheese
2 tablespoons parsley
1 tablespoon water (optional)
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/4 teaspoon salt
Dash pepper

Topping: Mozzerella cheese, grated or sliced thinly and laid on top.

To Prepare Veal Mixture:

-In small skillet melt butter over medium heat, add celery, onion, and garlic.
-Saute until vegetables are tender.
-In medium bowl combine sauteed vegetables with remaining ingredients for veal mixture and shape into a loaf.
-Transfer to roasting pan and bake at 375°F until browned, 30 to 35 minutes.
-Lay Mozerrella cheese on top or sprinkle with grated.

IF any of you try this - would love to know if it was a hit for you or not! :)

As always thanks for reading!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Alrighty! I got a text today from my sister in law in South Africa who is rock sockin' awesome! :0) When she visited us a little over a year ago - her and I broke out the beads and went to town! Her name is Imogen and she has a lil shop of her own! If you visit her shop - she's the 2nd one down from the top on the left with the black and pink horns.

Imogen has done some pretty awesome things in her life if you ask me! :-) she's an artist all the way around! :0) She sings, writes music, acts (she did for coca-cola :-D), models, writes poetry, draws, the lot of it. Very gifted woman indeed! SO happy to call her sis! ;0) She's such an encourager!

you're probably thinking, "Okay Dawn, that's all well and good, but what's with the title :"Changes"? "

Well I'll tell you ;-). Besides us buying a house the last of July, I put in my two week notice last Thursday, (eek~ I'm excited and nervous!) Imogen (or Imo as we call her sometimes) is getting internets next week!;0) I'm SO much better at email than the text or writing people snail mail. I used to be really up on mailing letters, but not so anymore.

I'm very excited! :0) I also have a project I need to fulfill as a gift for her - that I don't know when I will get to - a pair of Bella's Mittens from Twilight, and the other is a design of my own I'm working on for her tastes. :-D I'll share as time goes on, still debating if I will sell it in the store or not.. We'll see! :0)

Thanks for letting me share! I'm hardly on blogspot anymore it seems. Been thinking of fasting from the Internets but not sure that that would really be the best for em right now either lol.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sneak Peek - New Chickadee Design!

Little background on this design - I actually designed this one before the Frog Prince. :0) I was in the check out line at Target and saw a gift card of a bear, a bird and a frog. The gift card only showed the head of each and they were smiling in their own way. As soon as I saw the card I had already had an idea to make a frog and it had yet to come to fruition - so adding the chick to it made the perfect trio in my mind. The eyes of the chick are the joyous ones I portrayed on my creation :0)

Before I add this lil one to my Etsy shop - I wanted to share her with the fellow bloggers! :) I'll most likely list this chick some time this week when I have more time to promote! ;-) Let me know what you think!

From top of head (minus "hair" ;-)) sits 3" tall! :)

Wingspan is 3" wide as well. :-)

Made with ivory acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyfil and colored thread for expression.

This lil chicadee is sure to win your heart! Just look at that face and the expression of glee! :0) May whomever lays eyes on 'er be inspired and may she light up your day! :0-)

Friday, August 7, 2009

S'more Lanyards for your viewing pleasure! :)

I've been meaning to get more of these up - pictures that is ;-). I think I made at least 10 lanyards total. Maybe I'll get around to selling some on the etsy shop at some point. I'm not feeling too creative these days.
Here you go!

Silver & Gold

Amethyst & Green

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Closing

Things happened so quickly I had no time to blog about it! lol. :0)

July 30th, 10:16PM I get a call from my husband, Donald who is out with his motorcycle friends and he tells me he has some good news and some bad news.

"Which do you want first?" He asks.

Here I am thinking, if he got in an accident I really don't want to know - cause I don't know that I can handle it. I really thought he was going to tell me - bad news, I wrecked - good news, I'm alive. :s. That and I tend to get anxious awaiting inevitable bad news lol....

"bad news first.", I replied.

"okay, bad news is, you can't go into work tomorrow, you HAVE to get them off, you CANNOT go."

"ok" I said waiting....

"good news is" he continued, "we close on the house tomorrow"

I didn't have the same response to the closing as I did on the house because I know how my company feels about unscheduled days off. Though I will say my work ethic speaks for itself - there was one time I went to the Emergency room in the middle of the day and went back to work afterward. Who else does that?? Argh.. anyways, I digress - back to the story :0)

"okay, I'll call my supervisor - I want you home."

That was about it. My supervisor ended up being the one to reassure me that they would be okay sine the work was all caught up :0) But I heard about it from those above her that I didn't give notice.

"psssshhhhhh" is all I have to say about that. ;0)

SO Friday, July 31st, 2009 the hubby and I signed on the house :0). Our renting lease isn't up until mid November. There are tenants in the house until the end of August so that's helpful as far as payments go. I'm sure I'll be much more excited once the huge bill of rent/mortgage is behind us and we're out of renting. Then time to make a budget! lol :-)

Without further ado - here is a quick pic I got the day of the closing - we went by after the signing. :0)

Friday, July 24, 2009


It's true! :) My husband just called me about 10 minutes ago - asked me if I was sitting down! At the time I was standing and so I DID sit down.... curiously wondering what he was going to tell me next.... as I said, "No, but I am now."


"We got the house." He said as I heard the smile in his voice.

:-) "NO!! Really??!?!?" I exclaimed.

"We got it for the price we asked for and they are taking care of ALL the closing costs."

"ALL the closing costs? ALL of them?!" I countered.

"Yep.", he said.

"Wow! No way! Wow! Yay! Oh that's great! :) Wow!" I said still in shock and getting whatever bearings I had left asked, "When can we close??"

"We can close in as soon as a week." He replied, still with a smile in his voice.

The rest of the conversation was me saying wow, really, this is great, wow. And Donald assuring me that all the bullshit (lol) was now behind us. :0)

I'll try to keep you up to date as things progress - but I'm certain it will be busy - so forgive the lapse of blogging - I do want to share it ALL! :D

YAY!!!!! Weee!! Hi Ho! HI HO! Hi ho, hi ho hi hi! :D

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Frog Prince - Giveaway! (on Facebook)

Hello hello! :0) He's finished! ;) yay!

The frog prince was a labor of love to be sure - I wanted to have another pattern to call my own and a more realistic look to a frog than the kawaii - just to mix things up a bit - ;0) Have a gander and let me know what you think!

***If you would like to participate in this giveaway you must be a fan of lostsentiments of facebook to enter***

The giveaway is in honor of the fans - having more than 115 fan following! :0) cool! :-D

Here are the pics and the description for your viewing and entertainment! ;0) Thank you for your support everyone! I truly appreciate your comments and often say "awe" out loud in reading them ;) Thank you!


It's about 2pm and I have had to rework the whole pattern for my little critter - I think I'm on the home stretch now though, a few "garnishes" to add and *sigh* he'll be ready. :-) I think I'll make this guy custom order just cause he's tricky ;) but it's my 2nd pattern of my own :-D so that's exciting! I'll have to share the first lil creation I made from my own pattern before long - I'm behind on blogging! lol :-).

I'm giving myself a break, I've been working on this one for the giveaway for at least 5 hours today. Time to eat! ;-)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


First sale to someone I don't know what they look like face to face! Very exciting for me indeed! I just finished packaging the earring set they purchased along with a few of my new business cards! :0) Very exciting. :0)

So, I'm unwinding and celebrating with a rather strong ( by accident :-s ) white russian and will be sending that little bundle out tomorrow. :-)

Up next (tomorrow) would be the revealing of the new item made from my own pattern on facebook! Be a fan if you can to take advantage! :0) I just hope I get the little guy together before tomorrow ;) Wish me luck! :0)

Friday, July 3, 2009

What am I doing this 4th of July? Working the Corner...

... at a motorcycle race! My husband is really into motorcycles and most times when I am working on creating a project or taking my item pics he is our riding around with people he met on DC Sportsbike Forum I don't have the right gear (a decent jacket to save my skin) and since we are saving for a house (hope to hear something from our realtor today! Cross your fingers for us!) a jacket is not in the books right now ;)

Last Sunday my husband, Donald, asked if I wanted to go - the way he described it was that we would be helping people who already know how to work the corners in motorcycle races and be camping the night before (Friday night). I'm down for camping :) and I'm down for helping learn more about my husbands passion so sure. Come Monday morning however, I get this email Donald had received from a guy on the forum laying out what was going to happen while we were there and what we needed to bring. Okay - this was a list, an extensive list full of classes to learn about the flags they use on the corners on Saturday. I guess yes, they will have food for us but in truth, I'm doing the low carb thing and I'm certain that they will have caffeinated coffee(as they should) and donuts. *Please have eggs of some kind* (I beg ;)). Since the email came on a Monday morning and I'm dragging from the weekend I was overwhelmed and reconsidering.

At this point I must add Donald's birthday is the 5th and so I was thinking this would be a great way to celebrate with him. But how far does this need to go? lol

But I later woke up Monday afternoon and realized it's sure to be a good time. :) I'm bringing my own cooler with foods I don't have to think twice about eating, Donald and I will both be learning a good deal about motorcycle racing, and they are sure to have so kick ass fireworks! :) I just pray it doesn't rain ;)

I would like to add that when I was in Iowa growing up in my early to later teens I used to work in a concession stand at the Cresco Speedway. I'd worked the hotdogs, pizza, drinks, candy and Popcorn stand! :) SO much fun! It was usually fast paced and I liked it that way ;). Later when I was a senior in high school they had me sing the star spangled banner for the stock car races - which was really cool for me - I lovva to sing :). Cresco, Ia is a town of 3,500 people and I come from a background of making the most of what you have - so having not known anything else and based on Donald's description of the Corner Working, it'd be low key. lol But I'm wrong and that's okay. :D

As long as it doesn't rain, I'm sure I'm in for a good time :) Where are you watching YOUR fireworks at?? :D

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Next installment of Lanyards :)




Here are some new pics of more lanyards made and sold for my coworkers - hope you like them! :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lanyards! :)

Granted the lighting is not the best here - I took the pics late last night so no natural light to help me out there. But I wanted ot get pics from here on out of any lanyard I make. I have sold 5 of these in different colors and shades to coworkers this week. From today I have an order for 3 more! I will post the pics up for each of those as well though it will again be later tonight ;). I have really enjoyed working on these - they come out beautifully !:)

So question for you who follow or are just passing by - do you think I should sell these in my Etsy store?? Why or why not??

Would love feed back! Thank you for reading!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Froggied Green Teddy

So just short of sending the green bear off to it's new owner. As was promised, I added the mouth to be the same colors as the accents and wanted to share :).

I should note - the customer will be adding the eyes and a tongue :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trade - Retakes and Badge holders

Alrighty, my Trade is almost complete! I made the green bear and put 'em up on Etsy to be grabbed by Atlantisak - as mentioned on a prior post he will be a froggie before too long :)

So then, now - Retakes. When I first posted pics on the shop I knew I just needed to get them up already and wasn't too familiar with my camera. All things tolled, I knew I'd be taking retakes before long. LOL so 2 months later - here are (what I think are) the last of the retakes ;)

Lastly, at work our company has us wear lanyards, or badge holders - So, I have 4 orders right now for beaded lanyards from co-works. I'm wondering if I should put them in my shop as something to sell or just keep it to people I know personally and work with. Jewelry (at least for me) is hard to sell on Etsy. Any thoughts??

Thanks all! Hope you are having a great weekend! I'm off to do some beading! :)
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