Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Yarn Cup Overflows!

Because of my dear parents! This is a bittersweet story though... my younger brother's friends dad (are you tracking so far? ;)) was put in the rest home a bit ago and I heard recently passed away... my younger brothers friends mom had passed away about a year ago as well and they had to clear out their belongings to sell the house. My parents being the generous helpers they are helped clear out the house. What they uncovered as they went through the garage was oodles upon oodles of cotton yarn.... colorful and soft! My parents had told me about their discovery over the phone and how if they didn't take the yarn it'd be taken to a burn pile. Knowing my affinity for crafting they figured why not send it to me? I was to excited to hear that I'd be getting not just a package in the mail (which is fun in itself) that it'd be a package of yarn!

About a week later I received the box, full of soft, colorful cottons :) Immediately I thought of the beautiful granny square afghans, wooleater blankets and potholders possibilities!

I knew it would still be a while though before I got started on anything that entailed using the cotton yarn, but I half wondered if I would have enough for a full blanket if I decided to go that route. I also was kind of surprised that that was all mom and dad sent because they said they found ALOT of yarn in that garage. Three days later I received 4 large boxes at about 29lbs each... FULL. OF. YARN.

Here is one of the boxes next to the other four showing you the height width and depth of the box and another illustration of the colors (the colors! the colors! :)) that this woman had had.

I can only imagine that the woman who had owned these cones of yarn could not sit in front of a tv or on a long drive without working on some crafty crochet/knit thing like myself. I hope that the items I make from this plethora of yarn brings joy to other people to honor this lady I never knew... and as I type this my right hand is in pain from all the daily typing at work and crocheting/knitting at home. But I pray for ibprofen strong enough and the smarts to know how to stretch my hands to keep them fit and nimble :).

Craft on my crafty friends! :) And thank you for reading! :)

Star Wars Amigurumi Set Headed Overseas...

Wow - Ewok has been so popular I kept having to make "just one more" for the shop. My friend being the thoughtful guy that he is said not to worry about his request for this set if I had orders coming in the shop. But (yay!) they are all together and all done :) Ready to send to him overseas! I know he's in an area that on any given day he may hear explosions of bombs or the "sss" of a bullet zip by so I'm thankful this set will help put a smile on his face and Lord willing C3PO, Ewok, Darth Vader and Chewbacca will lighten him and his buddies day(s).

Here they be! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Doctor Who? I'm about to find out!

Oh Joy! I'm very excited! I'm about to embark on a journey into a world I have only heard of - the world of Dr. Who. :)

The same couple who introduced me to my husband (yay!! ^-^) has invited us to share in their Doctor Who watching tomorrow night :) I have seen many crafts online of phone booths and Doctor Who himself and look forward to delving into this sci-fi world! With any luck I'll find some choice items to create an amigurumi of to share with passionate watchers! :0) Thank God for fun stories of alternate universes - tee hee :) so crazy that while the imagination comes up with ideas outside of the realm of "reality" as we know it, we still cannot imagine how cool heaven is going to be. Dah! It's good stuff!

So yay for Friday, much to look forward to! Good times with good friends and what looks to be a great series. Feel free to share your affinity for Doctor Who and why you love it here :) Would love to connect! :)

As always, thank you for reading!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Luke! We are your Fathers!

"Kooh....Kooh....Kooh....Join me on the dark side and we shall rule the universe.
That is all you need to know."

Well apparently - Darth made a few recruits who were such big fans of his that they wanted to look JUST like him! LOL Or, or, lots of friends have shown interest and wanted one enough for me to make another set of three. Yes, it's true! That would really be why. ;0)

Darth had his convincing moments to be sure! Like the night I had assembled most of all of them, snapped in the eyes and they all looked a bit upset that I hadn't put them entirely together. But Darth didn't have a strong enough force over dinner and whatever else was holding my attention because it did take a bit for me to get back to them. And can I just say they are high maintenance? LOL Lots of detail went into each of these guys, the helmet, the cape, the buttons (knots) on their belts. Anyways, clearly I love my friends :)

I hope you like the pictures! I'll have one listed in the shop today or tomorrow and I'll post the link here :)

Thank you for reading! :D

Sunday, February 12, 2012

...and then, there were three...

... three C3PO's that is!

Yes it's true! I had 2 orders for them and I figured I was on a roll, why not make yet another for the shop for someone who has yet to discover they want one :).

I nabbed this pattern from a talented etsy artist Lucy Raven - she has a set of 12 patterns you can grab which is cool :) Her success in pattern selling gives me hope for my own pattern selling in the (hopefully in the not too distant) future. Don't get me wrong I love to crochet these lil guys but I realize times will change and I won't always be able to get to my hook and yarn but I still want to be involved in inspiring others to get their craft on! :)

Up next to be hooked is Darth Vader O.o so stay tuned... there should be a triplet set of them as well coming up.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! Thank you for reading!

Let Natures Beauty Inspire You...

as the winds change and time passes.. fall speaks to us of of the slow decay life brings and spring gives us hope of new beginnings...

...because I had many new favorites beckoning me to put them together in a treasury... and I get caught up in the dreaminess of them sometimes so much so I have to come share them here on the blog. :)

I've been so busy with my star wars orders I haven't had much time to make treasuries or interact. So enjoy! :D

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Viking beard is done! :)

Woo woo! :) This is such a fun set - I put it as soon as I finished it and my sister and I had a good laugh for about 10 minutes. ANYONE can look like a dude just putting this set on :) I didn't manage to get an in focus picture of me but I tried!

I was able to get a picture of the set on a large tan pillow. My husbands going to be tickled pink when he sees them! :)

LOL - this set is a riot! When I tried it on and the yarn covered all of my torso! Good times, good times! It's sure it'll be perfect for the mister though, since he's 6'4" :)

*UPDATE*...and on him!!! :) He has also since grown a real epic beard :) I love him - he's so funny :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chewbacca's fur just got furrier!

The first Ewok and Chewbacca I made was with wool-ease thick & quick super bulky weight yarn...

...only I had people help me make it less chunky. Yes we unraveled the chunkiness first by hand, (which proved to be quite cumbersome as you can imagine)THEN I believe it was the husbands idea to stick the end of the yarn in a drill and hit reverse. I must say it is a brilliant idea! Cut my time in half unraveling the chunky thread! That and my sister and a friend of ours assisted me by holding the drill with the yarn attached at the end of the hall way - I at the other end of the house made sure the two parts were unraveling from each other while my sister would then proceed to make balls from them for me to use :)

Of course this process IS necessary :) How else will you get such brilliant variegated color for an Ewoks skin? :)

So now that I have my Ewoks skin set in place for the next few Ewoks I will make... I grabbed another skein of yarn from JoAnn Fabrics tonight and my sister pointed out a different kind of yarn with brown and gray hues throughout that looked perfect for the future Chewys! :) I present Dark Brown/Angel Hair Yarn.

This is soft and already thin enough to use for future Chewbacca's :) Yay for low maintenance ;) I wanted to share the fun find and a bit of the process of how these lil creatures come about. :) I am really picky when it comes to color and texture. I hope it shows! :) In a good way! ;) Will post a furry Chewy once he's ready for a close up!
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