Sunday, December 13, 2009

Amigurumi Totoro Pattern for you :)

Sharing! :)

This is really a rough pattern - so you'll have to work with me on it -
here goes nothin...


1) sc 7 in magic ring (7)
2) sc1 & inc 1 in each sc around (14)
3) sc2, inc1 repeat around (21)
4) sc3, inc1 repeat around (28)
5) sc4, inc1 repeat around (35)
6&7) sc around in each (35)
8) sc 14, dec 2, sc 14 dec 2
9) dec1, sc2, dec1, sc1,dec1, sc3, dec1, sc1, dec1, sc5, dec1 sc5, dec1
10) sc3, dec1, sc2, dec1, sc2, dec1, sc3, dec1, dec1, 3scstart of 11th row to end - dec1, sc3, dec1, sc30, inc1, sc11, dec1, sc8, dec1 sc38

Here's where the ears come into play -
 dec next 4, sc1, sc1 into the sc on the OTHER side of the circle in the chain right before the 4 dec sc.
you are making the first ear at this point -
*sc next 7, inc1, sc1, inc1, sc2, dec1, dec to end.

Next ear you work the remaining stitches left on the body so by the end of the first row around you have 4dec and 2sc then continue from *
the tail you will be crocheting directly onto totoros bum -
row one pick up 5 stiches in a circle row two sc twice into each sc ending the 2nd row with a total of 10 stitchesrow three dec 5 knot and your done!
now the arms - they were tricky for me - so tricky in fact I just realized per my notes I didn't write them down...

I do remember I added the arms sinmilar to the way I crocheted on the tail...

Row 1 - crochet 3 stitches into the totoro's side wherever you'd like his arm to be - chain 3 without inserting into the body - sc around inc on the sides of the arms only each time you sc around. work in this way until you have reached your desired length and width. the arms may be loose so feel free to thread the upper part of the arm back into the body if you dont' want him to flap too much.
and the circles on the bellies - are just that - work rows 1 - 5 on the body and keep increasing 7 per row until desired size is reached. Sew onto totoro.

Hope most of you found this helpful - I've never shared pattern of my own before so as mentioned you'll have to bear with me - would love to see some of your completed work if you brave this pattern! :D

Best of luck all! Hugs, Dawn

***This is a free pattern of my design, so please do not sell it. Otherwise, use as you like, but if you make this Totoro to sell you must include a link to this pattern. Thank you!***

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Bobblehead Stand

... is finished - and he is now "complete" my mister said it was pretty much imperative that I make a stand to go with him - so while it took longer to do and my fingers hurt :S the mister was right :) . Mr. Bobblehead can stand on his own now too without much coaxing so its good stuff ;). Here are updated pics - enjoy! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Amigurumi Bobblehead of Fallout 3

Oh yes, this was a custom order! A brilliant one I might add! How many husbands out there play this game and wish the Bobblehead were real?? Well my friends, this lil beaut is the kind he can take to bed and remember what it's like to be a kid! :D Or... have at his desk as a conversation piece - the skies the limit really :). Bobblehead stands from top of his hair to the heel of his boots - 7 inches tall. Bobblehead is complete with safety eyes and everything else is thread or poly filled! Your husband or boyfriend is wondering why you haven't purchased him yet... ;)

So that was my sales pitch :) and here he is....

Minus the first pic of course as that's the real deal plastic bobble head I was going for. I am my selves worst critic its true, I think his eyes should be oval, his smile more horizontal - his blue legs longer and his black boots a bit shorter, oh yes and his head more of a sphere than an oval. Le sigh... all things tolled, making this man out of thin air and going to town with a thread and a hook, it's pretty impressive. :) I thought I was finished with him last night when my husband informed me that he needs to have a stand - that's part of the bobble head, and he's right. I don't play the game so I didn't know. It was a bummer to hear that though - in that I wanted to be done with him - I'd spent all Sunday working on this guy (and honestly my fingers are sore) so to ask me to keep going when I thought I was done was really a taller order than anything else.

So do stay tuned - he will rightfully have his stand and I will post pics. :)

Thank you as always for reading folks - I appreciate the support! All C&C welcome :D M-wah!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Friend Totoro and HIS Friends :)

Hey Hey! :D

Not sure who is into Anime or not and even then there are many many different types of anime shows so if TOTORO rings a bell - then have I got something for you! :D

I'm doing a trade on Etsy with glamasaurus for some awesome cufflinks for the brother in law and the hubby - Wee! :) I made the pattern up and used different thickness of thread to make them bigger or smaller. The pattern is my own as I said, and I think this one will be the first I share with everyone. Including Crafster and Ravelry cause they have been so good to me - yay for community. The Frog Prince and New Chick on the Block will remain a secret to everyone but me :oo. So stay tuned for (my) Totoro's pattern in an upcoming post that will out live me - so freaky... ;)

I really dig the custom orders cause they challenge me - but I'll be honest in saying I have a backlog of orders to finish - so yay this is one done! :D Now onto the bobble head doll! :D I will post pics of him when I am done. For now - enjoy Totoro and his friends ;) Until next time - all the best loves! :D M-wah!

PS - the original cartoon sketch I was "trying" to emulate with the fabric and pics of my own :D is at the very top - enjoy this too ;)
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