Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Friend Totoro and HIS Friends :)

Hey Hey! :D

Not sure who is into Anime or not and even then there are many many different types of anime shows so if TOTORO rings a bell - then have I got something for you! :D

I'm doing a trade on Etsy with glamasaurus for some awesome cufflinks for the brother in law and the hubby - Wee! :) I made the pattern up and used different thickness of thread to make them bigger or smaller. The pattern is my own as I said, and I think this one will be the first I share with everyone. Including Crafster and Ravelry cause they have been so good to me - yay for community. The Frog Prince and New Chick on the Block will remain a secret to everyone but me :oo. So stay tuned for (my) Totoro's pattern in an upcoming post that will out live me - so freaky... ;)

I really dig the custom orders cause they challenge me - but I'll be honest in saying I have a backlog of orders to finish - so yay this is one done! :D Now onto the bobble head doll! :D I will post pics of him when I am done. For now - enjoy Totoro and his friends ;) Until next time - all the best loves! :D M-wah!

PS - the original cartoon sketch I was "trying" to emulate with the fabric and pics of my own :D is at the very top - enjoy this too ;)


  1. yay! :D Thank you Thank you :) I have been vewy vewy quiet lately - hope you are well! Have to pop over and see what you are up to - I so appreciate your comments love :) They make my day... it's true... I really ♥ comments ;) lol


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