Monday, December 7, 2009

Amigurumi Bobblehead of Fallout 3

Oh yes, this was a custom order! A brilliant one I might add! How many husbands out there play this game and wish the Bobblehead were real?? Well my friends, this lil beaut is the kind he can take to bed and remember what it's like to be a kid! :D Or... have at his desk as a conversation piece - the skies the limit really :). Bobblehead stands from top of his hair to the heel of his boots - 7 inches tall. Bobblehead is complete with safety eyes and everything else is thread or poly filled! Your husband or boyfriend is wondering why you haven't purchased him yet... ;)

So that was my sales pitch :) and here he is....

Minus the first pic of course as that's the real deal plastic bobble head I was going for. I am my selves worst critic its true, I think his eyes should be oval, his smile more horizontal - his blue legs longer and his black boots a bit shorter, oh yes and his head more of a sphere than an oval. Le sigh... all things tolled, making this man out of thin air and going to town with a thread and a hook, it's pretty impressive. :) I thought I was finished with him last night when my husband informed me that he needs to have a stand - that's part of the bobble head, and he's right. I don't play the game so I didn't know. It was a bummer to hear that though - in that I wanted to be done with him - I'd spent all Sunday working on this guy (and honestly my fingers are sore) so to ask me to keep going when I thought I was done was really a taller order than anything else.

So do stay tuned - he will rightfully have his stand and I will post pics. :)

Thank you as always for reading folks - I appreciate the support! All C&C welcome :D M-wah!


  1. You did an amazing job capturing his likeness, it looks just like him. I never would of noticed the original had oval eyes though. :O) Fantastic job! :O)

  2. BombusLane :) thank you! :) I appreciate your comments immensely! :D

  3. Love him :) You did an awesome job.


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