Friday, July 24, 2009


It's true! :) My husband just called me about 10 minutes ago - asked me if I was sitting down! At the time I was standing and so I DID sit down.... curiously wondering what he was going to tell me next.... as I said, "No, but I am now."


"We got the house." He said as I heard the smile in his voice.

:-) "NO!! Really??!?!?" I exclaimed.

"We got it for the price we asked for and they are taking care of ALL the closing costs."

"ALL the closing costs? ALL of them?!" I countered.

"Yep.", he said.

"Wow! No way! Wow! Yay! Oh that's great! :) Wow!" I said still in shock and getting whatever bearings I had left asked, "When can we close??"

"We can close in as soon as a week." He replied, still with a smile in his voice.

The rest of the conversation was me saying wow, really, this is great, wow. And Donald assuring me that all the bullshit (lol) was now behind us. :0)

I'll try to keep you up to date as things progress - but I'm certain it will be busy - so forgive the lapse of blogging - I do want to share it ALL! :D

YAY!!!!! Weee!! Hi Ho! HI HO! Hi ho, hi ho hi hi! :D

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Frog Prince - Giveaway! (on Facebook)

Hello hello! :0) He's finished! ;) yay!

The frog prince was a labor of love to be sure - I wanted to have another pattern to call my own and a more realistic look to a frog than the kawaii - just to mix things up a bit - ;0) Have a gander and let me know what you think!

***If you would like to participate in this giveaway you must be a fan of lostsentiments of facebook to enter***

The giveaway is in honor of the fans - having more than 115 fan following! :0) cool! :-D

Here are the pics and the description for your viewing and entertainment! ;0) Thank you for your support everyone! I truly appreciate your comments and often say "awe" out loud in reading them ;) Thank you!


It's about 2pm and I have had to rework the whole pattern for my little critter - I think I'm on the home stretch now though, a few "garnishes" to add and *sigh* he'll be ready. :-) I think I'll make this guy custom order just cause he's tricky ;) but it's my 2nd pattern of my own :-D so that's exciting! I'll have to share the first lil creation I made from my own pattern before long - I'm behind on blogging! lol :-).

I'm giving myself a break, I've been working on this one for the giveaway for at least 5 hours today. Time to eat! ;-)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


First sale to someone I don't know what they look like face to face! Very exciting for me indeed! I just finished packaging the earring set they purchased along with a few of my new business cards! :0) Very exciting. :0)

So, I'm unwinding and celebrating with a rather strong ( by accident :-s ) white russian and will be sending that little bundle out tomorrow. :-)

Up next (tomorrow) would be the revealing of the new item made from my own pattern on facebook! Be a fan if you can to take advantage! :0) I just hope I get the little guy together before tomorrow ;) Wish me luck! :0)

Friday, July 3, 2009

What am I doing this 4th of July? Working the Corner...

... at a motorcycle race! My husband is really into motorcycles and most times when I am working on creating a project or taking my item pics he is our riding around with people he met on DC Sportsbike Forum I don't have the right gear (a decent jacket to save my skin) and since we are saving for a house (hope to hear something from our realtor today! Cross your fingers for us!) a jacket is not in the books right now ;)

Last Sunday my husband, Donald, asked if I wanted to go - the way he described it was that we would be helping people who already know how to work the corners in motorcycle races and be camping the night before (Friday night). I'm down for camping :) and I'm down for helping learn more about my husbands passion so sure. Come Monday morning however, I get this email Donald had received from a guy on the forum laying out what was going to happen while we were there and what we needed to bring. Okay - this was a list, an extensive list full of classes to learn about the flags they use on the corners on Saturday. I guess yes, they will have food for us but in truth, I'm doing the low carb thing and I'm certain that they will have caffeinated coffee(as they should) and donuts. *Please have eggs of some kind* (I beg ;)). Since the email came on a Monday morning and I'm dragging from the weekend I was overwhelmed and reconsidering.

At this point I must add Donald's birthday is the 5th and so I was thinking this would be a great way to celebrate with him. But how far does this need to go? lol

But I later woke up Monday afternoon and realized it's sure to be a good time. :) I'm bringing my own cooler with foods I don't have to think twice about eating, Donald and I will both be learning a good deal about motorcycle racing, and they are sure to have so kick ass fireworks! :) I just pray it doesn't rain ;)

I would like to add that when I was in Iowa growing up in my early to later teens I used to work in a concession stand at the Cresco Speedway. I'd worked the hotdogs, pizza, drinks, candy and Popcorn stand! :) SO much fun! It was usually fast paced and I liked it that way ;). Later when I was a senior in high school they had me sing the star spangled banner for the stock car races - which was really cool for me - I lovva to sing :). Cresco, Ia is a town of 3,500 people and I come from a background of making the most of what you have - so having not known anything else and based on Donald's description of the Corner Working, it'd be low key. lol But I'm wrong and that's okay. :D

As long as it doesn't rain, I'm sure I'm in for a good time :) Where are you watching YOUR fireworks at?? :D

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Next installment of Lanyards :)




Here are some new pics of more lanyards made and sold for my coworkers - hope you like them! :) Enjoy!
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