Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Latest Progress in Crochet Projects

Wee! Alrighty, to recap the last week in projects... 
Here's the latest project I've finished 

A Black Ewok hoodie for my friend Ms. Doom Things aka Auntie Gir aka one of my favorite people... 
you will understand (and most likely come to the same conclusion) once you read her blog. :D

another project about halfway done...

Huzzah! Bunnicula in the WORKS! :D 

and yet a third project that is in the "yarn" stage... where I've selected the colors, but haven't started hooking it just yet.
So for the moment, the yarn sits there... and taunts me... LOL

To be Zombie creations SOON - Muha!

The labels on the colors are for my friend who requested 12 inch tall zombie dolls like the one I made a while ago. I had to do be resourceful and reach out to a few ravelry friends to find Sami's hair color to match the Zombie I'd made a while back as requested. 
Here is my model. :) 

More crafting to come in the near future! 
I hope you'll stay tuned!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bunnicula the Vampire Bunny - Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I made one of these Bunnicula's recently and decided it was time to share this pattern with you lovely followers for FREE. If you work this guy up (watch out for the fangs!! O.O) and have ANY questions about the instructions please let me know. I'm here to help! :D 

Lastly, you might remember Bunnicula was a counterpart to his Sad Girl Miss from this post a while back :)
 ...ahhhh memories...

The Vampire Bunny Pattern

·         White worsted weight yarn
·         1 Pair 10 mm Safety Eyes
·         Tapestry needle
·         H hook (size 8- 5.00MM)
·         Black worsted weight yarn for mouth

Finished zombie bunny will average 5 inches tall from feet to tip of ears and 1 3/4 inches wide.

·         Sc = Single Crochet
·         X = times
·         Dec = Decrease
·         Inc = Increase

Work through both loops of stitches unless otherwise indicated.

Using white yarn

Row 1: Chain 4, Sc 2 in 2nd  loop from hook, Sc 1, Sc3 in 1st chain, turn, Sc 1 (8)

Row 2: Inc 2, Inc 2, Sc 2, Inc 2, Inc 2, Sc 2 (16)

Row 3: Sc 2, Inc 1 (x2), Sc 6, Inc 1 (x2), Sc 4 (20)

Row 4: Sc 3, Inc 1 (x2), Sc 8, inc 1 (x2), Sc 5 (24)

Row 5 - 20: Sc around (24)

Between Rows 5 & 6: Place 10mm Safety eyes 4 stitches apart

Stuff body

Find the stitch in middle of the front, count 10 stitches back and mark this stitch.

Row 21: Sc 13, Chain 2, Sc in marked stitch on the back side of rabbit, move marker here.
            Row 1: Sc around, Sc 2 over the chains (10)
            Row 2: Dec around until only 5 stiches reamin, then weave in ends over last 5 and sew up bottom of                          leg.

     2nd leg: On the front side of rabbit, count 4 stitches from made leg, In 5th stitch, start leg
            Row 1: Sc 8, Chain 2, put stitch marker here (10)
            Row 2: Sc around (10)
            Row 3: Dec around until only 5 stiches reamin, then weave in ends over last 5 and sew up bottom of                          leg.

With a length of thread sew up the bottom of the body, there should be 4 stitches on each side.

Arms: Make 2
Row 1: Sc 5 in magic circle
Row 2 – 7: Sc around (5) 
Fasten Off – leaving a length of thread to use later

Ears: Make 2
Row 1: Sc 4 in magic circle
Row 2:  Inc 1, Sc 1, Inc 1, Sc 1 (6)
Row 3 – 5: Sc around (6)
Row 6:  Dec 1, Sc 1, Dec 1, Sc 1 (4)
Row 7 - 8: Sc around (4)
Fasten Off – leaving a length of thread to use later sewing the ear on the head

Sew the ears directly above each eye 3 – 4 stitches apart.
Sew the arms on between Rows 9 – 10,  4  stitches apart.

Using black thread

Sew the mouth between rows 7 & 8 across 5 – 6 stitches.
Sew the nose in between the eyes, centered.

Now let the apocalypse begin! ^-^ Muha! ;)

Please NOTE: 
This pattern is Copyright to Lostsentiments. 
You have permission to sell the finished item from this pattern but rewriting, reselling, distributing or copying the pattern itself is prohibited. 
Please include a link back to my etsy shop or blog in all sales/listings of items. 
Thank you for your understand and cooperation.

When friends bring me a cartoon or drawing to bring to life and the height they want, I have to sketch it  to be sure I get the doll to scale. Above is the sketch I made to use as a guide :). 
I recommend anyone who can draw and crochet to use this method. Granted you'll be working the doll up and pulling out the stitches from time to time, but hopefully it will spare some of your time! 

Happy creating friends! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Who Could Forget... Mr. Bomb Omb?

Who could forget Marios Bros Nintendo Game? Growing up I would look forward to going to my grandparents or the neighbor kids place because - hello - hey had a Nintendo!! I was not very good at Mario Brothers games. Throw any version of that game at me and I had fun playing it but was not about to be saving the princess any time soon, or ever. Yeah, never ever... ^-^. But that's okay! I still have fond memories of playing the game and seeing it progress to the point where Mario could ride on a Yoshi and do amazing and incredible things! Still, no saving the princess for me lol.

In any case, a few years back a request for a Mario Bomb Omb plush was submitted to me and I recently was complimented on the design. Complement = Dawn encouraged and inspired = must share with the world!

So today I share my very first published pattern with you from my etsy shop!! The link on etsy can be found here to purchase and the link to the pattern to purchase on ravelry is here.

I can appreciate that someone told me my design takes the cake, 
because the details are important to me. :)

Also, a few years back I was asked to make a basketball size Bom Omb - did I oblige this request?! YES. Unfortunately I can only find a few pics of this large dude. Wish I would have taken more!! :D 

Here's a picture to give you an idea of how big Mr. Omb really was. 

Which do you like better? The big one? Or the tiny one? 

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