Monday, December 8, 2014

Decorating for Christmas while Renting...

...means no holes in the walls.

True, depending on how lenient your landlord is you may be able to get away with thumb tacks to hold some things up. However in this case we aren't pushing our luck. ;)

I gave away our tree, lights and many of our generic Christmas decorations before we moved. I whittled down my Christmas decor stash to fill about 3/4 of a medium sized box. I have a few glass ornaments and items I have picked up over the years that I wouldn't part with and put a majority of them up. I love decorating for Christmas - once the lights and the garlands are up, it usually reminds me of a log cabin... so cozy!

In any case, this year for decorating I made cinnamon ornaments to hang by the blinds and string up around the mantle. I made a batch that I baked in the oven and another that I let air dry over a few days time. The batch of stars I baked had one hole for threading and the batch I let air dry I put two holes in to string those together. In all I ended up with 23 stars. Our place smelled of cinnamon goodness and still does! ^-^

For those of you who are renting and might not have room for a tree or have to follow strict guidelines of "no holes in the walls" I'm sharing my decorating photos. I hope they give you ideas of your own to add a little bit of cozy to your home for the holidays!

 The only screw on the walls that came with the house was the one above the fire place. The twig wreath *had* to go there ;). 

You'll notice we don't have any lights this year, but I trust in the years to come I'll build my Christmas inventory back up and I'm in no rush. :) 

Merry Christmas friends! What is your favorite part about this Holiday season?


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    1. the guitars and drum set? lol ;) I know you! ^-^ Just kidding I know you like the decor too! ♥ Miss you!!!


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