Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Ornaments to crochet or buy to display!

I've been a busy elf! 
In this photo there are stacked crochet stars and snowflakes! 
42 snowflakes total (waiting to be starched...) and 22 stars of various sizes! 

You can get snowflakes here.... 


get some stars here.... 

Want a Elf hat?! I have that too!!! ^-^ Find it here...

I like options. What about you? :) What else would you like to see offered as ornaments in the shop? 

PS - there are Christmas Patterns available here! :D

While I'm about to list these ornaments... I wondered - would you prefer them as garlands?

It would be big star, little star, big start, etc. 9 stars in each color.

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