Thursday, November 28, 2013

Art Show 2013 - Featuring Lostsentiments, Metal Mind Accessories & Moose Egg Art

Art shows are awesome! Art shows with friends are awesomeR! 
They are so awesome that they are epic! ^-^ Yes.

One of my partners in crime is the creator and designer of Metal Mind Accessories and I've had the pleasure of knowing her and her creative sister for about a year now, though it feels like I've known them forever :). I met them at dance class and our instructor, (being the amazing & giving woman she is) graciously hosted our jewelry /art show at her home mid November. Yes, we covered her walls and tables with jewelry and art by Metal Mind Accessories, Moose Egg Art and Lostsentiments items from my crafty shop as well as art I've done in the past! See?!


Yes, that'd be James Dean ;). 

The Jewelry/Art show was a lot of fun! I met some amazing women and had a great time hanging out with my friends. :)

After the new year I plan on having prints of a few of my pictures available for people to purchase online for their homes. I'll share the links once I have them. But for now, I'm showcasing my fabulous friends here ;). I hope you like their jewelry and artwork! :)


Metal Mind Accessories:



YUP - I'm surrounded by talented ladies :). 

Which one was your favorite? 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Knit Blueberry Bobble Scarf - Pattern Coming Soon!

The bobble scarf is purple... so it lends itself to.... self naming (?) 

I mean you look at it and you think blueberries... right?! I KNOW you do! It's okay.
 You're among friends and we're with you! ^-^ 

I present the blueberry bobble infinity scarf! Say that ten times fast! ;)

Yes, I'm quite pleased with the scarf. See?

Winter temps have shown their frigid face here in NOVA so the lady who requested the scarf asked that it  be made into an infinity scarf instead of 100 inches long and unconnected
(I was at 60 inches, well on my way! ;)).
 I'm glad she decided to have me join the ends, I think it will be warmer for her this way too!

 I love how it turned out... The folds give it awesome snuggly shape around the neck and face. Yay! 

And now for somethign completely different! A serious profile photo! XD

Oh and a posterized effect of the same one... I was having far too much fun with photo shop! ^-^

I'll be sharing the pattern for the scarf in the next month or so so stay tuned! :) 

Thank you for reading! xox Dawn

***1/21/14 UPDATE: Free Pattern available here!***

Zesty Chicken Soup Recipe - for your Crock Pot!

Zesty Chicken Soup

1  4 - 5 lb chicken
1  14.5 oz can Diced and Fire roasted tomatoes
2  10 oz cans of Rotel Diced tomatoes with green chilies
1  Tblspn Garlic Powder
1/2  Tblspn Chili Powder
2  cups chicken broth
1/2 cup water
2 Tablespoons Bacon Grease
1  Tspn Poultry seasoning
1/2  Tblspn Cumin
4  Tablespoons fresh cilantro chopped

Put everything together in the crock pot, cook on LOW for 6 - 8 hours. The timing all depends on your chicken. Check if the chicken is cooked throughout (no pink) around 6 hours. If it comes off the bone easily then pull the rest of the chicken out of the crock pot and pull the meat off the bone.

Once you've pulled all the meat off the bones and back in the soup, you can let the meat continue to marinade or you can dish up! :)

I made Maria's Healthified Cheetos the same day I made the soup. They were a perfect cracker substitute! :) I also added sour cream and cheese to the soup - nom nom nom!

Please let me know if you try it out and how you like the recipe! :) 

Best, Dawn


Looking for more Low Carb soups or crock pot recipes? 
Since posting this recipe I've started a foodie blog! 

Find more low carb SOUPS HERE. 

Find more low carb CROCK POT RECIPES HERE. 


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Running Photos

Every now and again I have to get outside, either get dirty landscaping or running to physically wear myself out so I can focus on crafting. 
Working out is just as good for your physical well being as it is for your mental well being! 
So you should do it already. If there's time. I mean, make time. 
Your future you would thank you. Okay?! 


That being said :D

It was so pretty out the last time I went running, that I stopped mid stride to take a few photos. 
The view was so lovely! I wanted to share it with you! :) 

I love the colors on the trees! The way the sun was shining on them has me swooning. The light blue sky stretched out behind the horizon made me smile. :) This is part of the reason I run too... for the view :) 

The trees are still changing colors so hopefully I'll get out again soon before the temps drop too much more to enjoy them!

I hope you get to do something that clears your mind today so you can focus on whatever else you need/want to! :) 

Till next time - much love, Dawn

Monday, November 11, 2013

Chunky Bobble Knit Scarf

Here is the next project in the works - using Caron Simply Soft  color IRIS. This color is HARD to photograph! The purple is very vivid which makes it fun to work with but to try and capture on the camera at night? Not so much... I'd say Iris is probably a morning color ;)

I was off to a rough start tonight - the scarf needs to be 100 inches in length and it needs to be done soon. I'm holding two threads throughout because when I originally started with just one, I was making an inch an hour kind of progress... um, no bueno! After working smarter and not harder ;) I wanted to share the over all progress I made tonight after a few false starts. I think we are well on our way and I'm having fun! :) Which is important right? Why do it if you're not having fun, jes? :) 

I hope you like the picture - though not a true representation of the color (its beautiful I assure you! :)) I at least can show you the texture - and the BOBBLES - the delicious bobbles! They make me happy what can I say? :) I'll share again soon!

Best, Dawn

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Crocheted Adult Flamingo Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

 I decided to offer this pattern for free on the blog instead of selling it in my ravelry store or on etsy

I've made 4 in total and they are pretty fun
If you decide to work this up for yourself or a loved one, I'm sure they'll have a great time with it too ;).

***1.3.14 Update***
I received and email today that is now offering this pattern on their site!

Welcome All Free Crochet members! 

As AllFreeCrochet mentioned this hat would be neat as a penguin hat too! :) Using a different variety of colors of course ;). If I make one for a friend or one is requested I will share it with you! :) Happy Crafting!


One Size Fits Most

What you'll need: 

·         Black 4ply yarn for beak tip and eyes
·         Furry Pink yarn for edging
·         White 4 ply yarn for beak
·         Pink 4ply yarn for hat body
·         Tapestry needle
·         H hook (size 8- 5.00MM)

Finished size: Approximately 23 inches around and 9 inches tall

Gauge: 4 stitches and 5 rows = 1 inch in Sc


·         Sc = Single Crochet
·         Dc = Double Crochet
·         Dec = Decrease by working two sc together
·         Inc = Increase by working two sc in the same st
·         Trc = Triple Crochet
·         FO = Fasten Off
·         St = Stitch
·         Sl st = Slip Stitch
·         Ch = Chain
·         X = Times

·         Rep = Repeat

Work through both loops of stitches unless otherwise indicated.


Using pink yarn

At the beginning of each row you will chain, this counts as one for each row.

Row 1:  Chain 2 in in magic loop, Dc 17 in magic loop (18), Slst in 2nd chain to join the round – put a marker at the end of rounds to help keep your place (this is optional of course)

Row 2:  Ch 1, *Sc 1, Inc 1* repeat to the end Sc1, slst  in 1st Ch 1 (26)

Row 3:  Ch 2, Dc 2 in next (inc1) *Dc 2, Inc 1* rep to end, Dc1, Slst in 1st Ch (35)

Row 4:  Ch 1, Sc 3, Inc 1, *Sc 4, Inc 1* rep to end, Sl st in 1st Sc (42)

Row 5:  Ch 3, Trc 5, Inc 1 *Trc 6, Inc 1* repeat to end, Trc 6 (48)

Row 6:  Ch 2,  Dc 2, Inc 1 *Dc 7, Inc 1*repeat to end, Dc 4, Slst in 1st Ch (54)

Row 7:  Ch 3, Tr 7, Inc 1 *Tr 8, Inc 1* repeat to end (60)

Row 8:  Ch 1, Sc 5, Inc 1, *Sc 9, Inc 1*rep to end Sc 3, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 9:  Ch 2, Dc across,  Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 10:  Ch 3, Trc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 11:  Ch 2, Dc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 12:  Ch 1, Sc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 13:  Ch2, Dc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 13:  Ch 2, Hdc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 14: Ch 2, Dc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 15:  Ch 1, Sc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 16:  Ch 2, Hdc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 17:  Ch 1, Sc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 18:  Ch 3,Trc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row19:  Ch 2, Dc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 20:  Ch 3, Trc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Row 21:  Ch 1, Sc across, Slst in 1st Ch (66)

Ear Flaps:  Make 2 spaced 22 stitches apart

Row 1: Ch 2, Hdc 10 (11) Ch 2, turn

Row 2:  Skip first st Hdc across (10) Ch 2, turn

Row 3:  Skip first st Hdc across, (9), Ch 2, turn

Row 4:  Skip first st Hdc across, (8), Ch 2, turn

Row 5:  Skip first st Hdc across, (7), Ch 2, turn

Row 6:  Skip first st Hdc across, (6), Ch 2, turn

Row 7:  Skip first st Hdc across, (5), Ch 2, turn

Row 8:  Skip first st Hdc across, (4), Ch 2, turn

Row 9:  Skip first st Hdc across, (3), FO, leave a length of thread and FO.

Now count out 22 stitches from the end of the first flap. Pick up yarn on the 23rd stitch and repeat for the second flap.

Using Furry Pink Yarn

Sc around the brim of hat and ear flap sides with the fuzzy light pink yarn, when you come to the ends of the ear flaps,  skip the 3 st of the end of the flap and instead chain 3 and continue Sc’s on other side of ear flap, Sc around, repeat Ch 3 on next end of ear flap as well.

Ear Flap Braids:

Cut 12 lengths of 36 inch yarn. Follow pictures here to add thread. You can leave them hanging free or braid them to your liking! 

 Since there are now 12 ends to work with on either side of the ear flap you can braid them holding 4 lengths of thread knot the ends with an overhand knot

EYES: Make 2

Using Black Yarn

ROUND 1: Chain 4 into a magic circle to count as the first  Trc. Work 15 more Trc in the ring;  join with a Slst to the top of beginning of chain 4. (16 trc). Fasten off – leave a length of 24 inch thread for sewing these onto the hat.

Sew onto hat between rows 10 – 13 about  9 – 10 stiches apart.


Using Black Yarn

Row 1:  Chain 3 in Magic Loop, 2 trc in magic  loop, (3) Chain 2, turn.

**pull magic loop closed and leaving length of thread to sew beak onto hat later.

Row 2:  Dc  2, Inc 1 in last St, (5) Chain 2, turn

Row 3:  Dc  2, Inc1,  Dc 2, (7)  FO leaving a length of thread.

Switch to white yarn.

Row 4:  Chain 2,  Sc across (7) Chain 2, turn

Row 5:  Dc 2, Inc 1, Dc 3 (8) FO  leaving a length of thread to sew beak onto hat.

 Sew Beak onto hat centered between the eyes between rows 14  -  18

At this point your Flamingo Hat should be all set to go wherever your heart pleases! J Enjoy! J

Pattern copyright of Dawn Pearson. All rights reserved. If you sell products made from this pattern, please link back to this post and credit Dawn Pearson/Lostsentiments as the designer. Thank you.

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