Thursday, November 28, 2013

Art Show 2013 - Featuring Lostsentiments, Metal Mind Accessories & Moose Egg Art

Art shows are awesome! Art shows with friends are awesomeR! 
They are so awesome that they are epic! ^-^ Yes.

One of my partners in crime is the creator and designer of Metal Mind Accessories and I've had the pleasure of knowing her and her creative sister for about a year now, though it feels like I've known them forever :). I met them at dance class and our instructor, (being the amazing & giving woman she is) graciously hosted our jewelry /art show at her home mid November. Yes, we covered her walls and tables with jewelry and art by Metal Mind Accessories, Moose Egg Art and Lostsentiments items from my crafty shop as well as art I've done in the past! See?!


Yes, that'd be James Dean ;). 

The Jewelry/Art show was a lot of fun! I met some amazing women and had a great time hanging out with my friends. :)

After the new year I plan on having prints of a few of my pictures available for people to purchase online for their homes. I'll share the links once I have them. But for now, I'm showcasing my fabulous friends here ;). I hope you like their jewelry and artwork! :)


Metal Mind Accessories:



YUP - I'm surrounded by talented ladies :). 

Which one was your favorite? 

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