Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Running Photos

Every now and again I have to get outside, either get dirty landscaping or running to physically wear myself out so I can focus on crafting. 
Working out is just as good for your physical well being as it is for your mental well being! 
So you should do it already. If there's time. I mean, make time. 
Your future you would thank you. Okay?! 


That being said :D

It was so pretty out the last time I went running, that I stopped mid stride to take a few photos. 
The view was so lovely! I wanted to share it with you! :) 

I love the colors on the trees! The way the sun was shining on them has me swooning. The light blue sky stretched out behind the horizon made me smile. :) This is part of the reason I run too... for the view :) 

The trees are still changing colors so hopefully I'll get out again soon before the temps drop too much more to enjoy them!

I hope you get to do something that clears your mind today so you can focus on whatever else you need/want to! :) 

Till next time - much love, Dawn


  1. thanks so much for stopping your photos!!
    i need to get outside and do some walking again-it's so cold here tho ; )
    have a super week :)

  2. HI Andrea! You bet! :) I love your work! Thank you for coming by and saying hello! :) I hope you get some warmer temps before long! ;) :) Best, Dawn


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♥ Dawn

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