Monday, November 25, 2013

Knit Blueberry Bobble Scarf - Pattern Coming Soon!

The bobble scarf is purple... so it lends itself to.... self naming (?) 

I mean you look at it and you think blueberries... right?! I KNOW you do! It's okay.
 You're among friends and we're with you! ^-^ 

I present the blueberry bobble infinity scarf! Say that ten times fast! ;)

Yes, I'm quite pleased with the scarf. See?

Winter temps have shown their frigid face here in NOVA so the lady who requested the scarf asked that it  be made into an infinity scarf instead of 100 inches long and unconnected
(I was at 60 inches, well on my way! ;)).
 I'm glad she decided to have me join the ends, I think it will be warmer for her this way too!

 I love how it turned out... The folds give it awesome snuggly shape around the neck and face. Yay! 

And now for somethign completely different! A serious profile photo! XD

Oh and a posterized effect of the same one... I was having far too much fun with photo shop! ^-^

I'll be sharing the pattern for the scarf in the next month or so so stay tuned! :) 

Thank you for reading! xox Dawn

***1/21/14 UPDATE: Free Pattern available here!***

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