Monday, November 11, 2013

Chunky Bobble Knit Scarf

Here is the next project in the works - using Caron Simply Soft  color IRIS. This color is HARD to photograph! The purple is very vivid which makes it fun to work with but to try and capture on the camera at night? Not so much... I'd say Iris is probably a morning color ;)

I was off to a rough start tonight - the scarf needs to be 100 inches in length and it needs to be done soon. I'm holding two threads throughout because when I originally started with just one, I was making an inch an hour kind of progress... um, no bueno! After working smarter and not harder ;) I wanted to share the over all progress I made tonight after a few false starts. I think we are well on our way and I'm having fun! :) Which is important right? Why do it if you're not having fun, jes? :) 

I hope you like the picture - though not a true representation of the color (its beautiful I assure you! :)) I at least can show you the texture - and the BOBBLES - the delicious bobbles! They make me happy what can I say? :) I'll share again soon!

Best, Dawn


  1. This is gorgeous!!! Love the bobbles:)

    1. :D Thank you so much! :) The scarf is now 20 inches long! :) I only have 80 more to go! :) LOL

  2. The bobbles look really neat I haven't knitted with that stitch yet but looks fun. I like the colour purples my favourite! I agree some times of the day are better for pictures its hard at night with the shadows. I am always turning lights on and off and moving around to get the best picture, it's hard sometimes :P good luck on your project! keep up the good work :)

    1. :) Thank you for your comment Lisa! :) I hoep you are having fun whatever project you are working on these days! :) best, Dawn


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