Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lostsentiments FEATURED in GemsBy Jerri!!

Yay! Today is a very exciting day! Gems by Jerri has featured lostsentiments on their blog - please go here to view the cameo ;-) and please do read about the other stored Jerri has featured as well - lots of treasures to be had! :-)

Thank you so much Jerri! :0) I really appreciate your support! :-D

Happy crafting everyone! I'm off to finish a custom ordered bear! :-D


House Hunting Update

Thank you all for your very supportive comments !:0)

Our Realtor went to the broker herself yesterday and laid out the scenario and that someone wasn't doing their job and moving our contract forward when they first got it. Long story short - cause I'll probably botch the details ;-) - they bank will be considering our offer instead of the highest bidders... and as of 10:14PM last night that's the last thing I know ;-) to be continued...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

House hunting - Bummer

Pretty sure I haven't mentioned we've been house hunting lately, btu we have. My hubby and I finally found a house tha twas just what we needed and made an offer on it. Just last Sunday actually I faxed in the contract and monday morning we heard that the bank approved our offer... Needless to say we were tickled pink and looking very forward to getting the show on the road! Wednesday rolled around and we were waiting on the contract to be ratified.... it's Sunday now and we just got back from looking at another house. This one we are not going to make an offer on. :-s. BUT the lady that's working with us, is going into the brokers office, above the guys head who is supposed to be helping out the seller and getting his house sold ( I forgot to mention, this is a SHORT SALE house ) - and not leaving with them until she has answers. Cause this guy has been jerking our chain and saying the first thought that's come to mind, but not emailing her any documents er anything, so this house, may not even be able to be a short sale - in which case we may be waitin gon the house to foreclose and watch it go out of our price range. le sigh. I suppose this process may be more frustating but I just say it's taking. :-(. Anyone having issues or looking for a home?? I hope your search goes well! :-D

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Latest Teddy!

Alright folks - without further ado! Here is the next best teddy! Kids will be lining up for this little guy to dance with - lounge with and party their little socks off with! (one can hope, ja??;-))

Giveaways!!! - They make my day! :0)

Yesterday I found out I had won a giveaway from Creative Coquette !!! A lovely Ring! Please check out her other awesome pieces that are sure to make you feel lovely and mystical! :0)

Thank you so much Creative Coquette!:0)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Custom Orders

Alright! So I have some wonderful friends who are taking advantage of my skillz ;-) I have on back order 2 lil bears and a hat that I need to pull some patterns for to give them options! I'm excited!

OH! Just yesterday I sold one of my bags to a co-worker! That was another first for me. I would like to show on etsy though that I've gotten more sales than the one. But a sale anywhere is better than no sale. :0)

I promoted my knitting pieces for a day on etsy and got a good amount of views - but it seems I need to promote myself myself. :0) So word of mouth - here I come!

I will say I am very sleepy.. I've gotten caught up on the Etsy Forums the last past few nights - but I really believe you reap what you sow - and I love to encourage others - so it's good all the way around! :0) .

Alright! I'm off for a nap and then to tackle them lil bears. All the pieces for both will be done by Friday! Er on Friday ;0)
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