Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Custom Orders

Alright! So I have some wonderful friends who are taking advantage of my skillz ;-) I have on back order 2 lil bears and a hat that I need to pull some patterns for to give them options! I'm excited!

OH! Just yesterday I sold one of my bags to a co-worker! That was another first for me. I would like to show on etsy though that I've gotten more sales than the one. But a sale anywhere is better than no sale. :0)

I promoted my knitting pieces for a day on etsy and got a good amount of views - but it seems I need to promote myself myself. :0) So word of mouth - here I come!

I will say I am very sleepy.. I've gotten caught up on the Etsy Forums the last past few nights - but I really believe you reap what you sow - and I love to encourage others - so it's good all the way around! :0) .

Alright! I'm off for a nap and then to tackle them lil bears. All the pieces for both will be done by Friday! Er on Friday ;0)


  1. Ooooooo! Your little bears are adorable! I just hearted one so you'll see it on my favorites on my blog too :)

    Thanks for entering my PIF contest!

    Wishing you loads of luck and sales :)


  2. thanks for visiting my blog. you made me tear up in the corner of my eye. not because your words were complimentary - but because you've put so much pressure on me to be funny.

    noticed your favorite books. i liked them too. but that's because edward is with me.

  3. LOL - edward is with me too1 er, in that reading that book made me think of my husband and how he cares for me so much :-) it's good stuff! :0)

    You just be you W! :-) You can't help but be funny - no pressure ;-)

  4. You won!!!!

    Happy Birthday :)

    email me your mailing address so I can get your ring out to you.



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