Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Sell!

Yay! First Sale! Today! Little 6" crocheted brown bear! Yay for friends who are will ing to support me and for mothers day that is coming up for reason to give gifts to them! :0)

I sent an email to my friends letting them know about the shop and this blog - the response was really encouraging - I may even have my first custom order! :0D we shall see...

Oh ideas, ideas! :-) I want to make more little bears but I am thinking about all I want to do for my shop in the shipping arena. I'm about to box up this little guy to his next home! :0)

I've been saving boxes of all sizes - ones from candy bars, crackers, etc. From medium to small, that the cardboard is relatively light - and the idea is to pull off the outside of the box(whatever shows the product) and it exposes the fibers below and the box is ready to go! I think I'll turn them inside out and reassemble them so the fiber is on the inside. Maybe in time I'll invest in boxes of my own with lost sentiments name on it, maybe not. :) I like the idea of using what I already have though, makes me feel resourceful? ;-)

After the idea of the shipping boxes, I want to take my old business cards and decoupage them. I think that would be awesome! :0) then... go to coffee shops, libraries, any open tack board I caom across and stick it to 'em! :-)

Not really sure what else I could do online, I'm not exactly that savvy lol - where there is a while there's a way though! :0) So I have that on my side.

Yay for Etsy forums! I read if you price your items low - people assume your product is low quality - any thoughts??

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