Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Beginning

Yay! New things are on the horizon! I set out with my knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn, beads, fabric, and imagination(!) to pursue the dream of selling what I love to do most - create! :-) I love to let my imagination take flight once I've learned the basics of a trade. Crafting is no different!

This past weekend, Saturday, April 25th, I opened a shop on Etsy. Please do check it out! Feedback is welcome!

Please bare in mind that the pictures are a work in progress. Without a physical presence of the product it's hard to get an idea of the weight, colors and textures. So I aspire to capture and describe all that I can :-)

I also hope to inspire others through this blog. I will be writing about my journey as I try different ideas for things to make, how to promote my shop (this blog is one of them!) who I meet and those amazing random blessings throughout the day. I am praying that God allows my shop to aide in a full time adventure of selling my creations for a living. Will you assist me in that quest?? :-)

Again, please check out my site! :0)

Thank you for reading! Till next time... God Speed.

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