Sunday, June 23, 2013

Must be Sisters...

...true. story. Sisters are fun. Mine let me rope her into being silly with me and getting it not only on camera but let me share it with the world (the WORLD! O.O). 

My flamingo hat is off to her ^.^ 

It is worth noting we also both wore the necklace our older sister had given the both of us (matching necklaces) for Christmas of 2011. :) To bring the sisters thing full circle. :) All good stuff.

If you want to make your own awesome flamingo hat find the pattern here and let the fun begin! :D


  1. You two were certainly having a good time! :D

    1. Indeed! ^-^ We also had barrels of laughs later when trying to think of what we might have been "saying". :) Good times, good times :)

  2. hahahaha this is awesome!!!
    I have 3 sisters but I could see one of them definitely doing the same thing we me, sisters really are the best!

    you guys are super cute btw xx

    1. Woop! Woop! :) Thanks Brooke! :)I'm glad to see you enjoyed the post! :D

      Sisters for keeps! ^-^ The ones you can so quickly revert back to childhood with - love it :)


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