Friday, June 7, 2013

Antique Tables are Mostly Awesome!

Well they are! ^-^ I mean.. you just don't *see* detail like this anymore these days people! Amiright?  ;)

A few years ago someone posted up on freecycle that they had a solid wood table, made in the 1930's, they didn't have chairs or the leaf that would have gone with it, but they said all the right words, "table" solid wood" & "antique" - I was intrigued! After finding out I was the first person to respond to the post, I proceeded to rope the mister into driving to the ladies house to pick it up! We brought the ole beaut home where my sister and I wiped 'er down with olive oil and appreciated the shine it brought out in her! :) Its been a few years and we haven't invested in chairs because shortly after acquiring said table, we found that my 6' 4" mister could not fit underneath it and sit comfortably. Womp, womp.

Antique Beauty - 1  
Comfort for the Mister - 0

Lesson learned.. Antique tables are mostly awesome ;) you see reason now right? :) It has been a few years we've lived with the eye candy of a table but I *want* to have dinner with people and sit around a table with chairs. At present we use the coffee table in the living room to pop a squat around and don't tend to have large groups of people over for a formal dinner... come to think of it we aren't really a formal kind of family, but we want people to be comfortable when they do visit and sometimes that means we need more sitting room. Ya dig? :) So in short, this table needs to go to allow us room for a new one complete with chairs and a leaf!

Insert craigslist, a bunch of snapshots and some know how... I'll be put together a listing soon to sell this lovely. 

The stats: 
- Made by The Seng Co. in Chicago Illinois
- 29 inches tall
- 47 3/4 inches wide
- 65 3/4 inches long

All the levers! ..Okay it's just a few pics of the same one ;)
Just look at that craftmanship!

By the time I get responses about this the table it might already be gone,  but I implore you - oh people of the Internets to please tell me - what do you *know* about this table? Is this oak or walnut wood I'm dealing with? Whatever happened to The Seng Co.? They were around from the early 1890's to the late 1950's known for their impeccable construction and then seem to have vanished.  I want a story to go along with this piece but I only have the stats I shared and the little I found about the company online. Any antique connoisseurs care to share?? Hmm O.o O.o It's okay if not... I hope you enjoyed the pics! :) ♥ Dawn


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    1. ^-^ Thank you Caitlin! :) They just don't make them like they used too! :)


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