Friday, May 31, 2013

Seasons Change...

I think its safe to say that summer is officially here! :)
We've had more than two sunny days in a row that were above 70 degrees! This is a good sign :). 

Speaking of seasons change...

Over the next few months you will see some changes taking place in my lil etsy shop what you will see is fewer items being renewed. Lostsentiments is not closing but scaling back on items that don't recieve many views or sales. Some items will be reduced in price to help clear out inventory as well! :) I will be posting the reductions on Lostsentiments facebook page here so feel free to tag along and follow there! :)
I always love seeing new faces! ^-^ (um-hmm, yes ;))

What will remain a constant are the patterns and items made after I've worked up a pattern so you will see a few new items cycle in from time to time. 

Custom orders are primarily received from friends and family which it great! However, trying to balance those, work, social life, the shop stuffs, house stuff, etc. has been trying at times.
And since I want to continue to fill a few requests from time to time and keep my creative juices keep a flowing, it's time for a change :).
I will continue posting on the blog and sharing with you lovely followers whatever I might be working on or getting into next or just day dreaming about. ;)
I'm looking forward to the change and hope you are too! :) 

Speaking of day dreaming... 

Vintage Winter by Jude McConkey
I stumbled upon this photo today when I saw it in my favorites! ^-^  lol Apparently I'd seen it before ;)
... seeing it today I fell in love all over again... and thought it fitting to add to this post. 
There is so much beauty in each season if we just look for it :) Times a changing! :)
 But oh how sweet the memories! :) 

Thank you for reading lovelies! ...and for following along wherever we may go! :) xox ~Dawn


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    1. Karen! :) Jude's creations always inspire me :) So glad you appreciate her work too ^-^


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