Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lucketts Annual Spring Market 2013 Finds!

With the family visiting from Iowa we took in a few local fun things. Okay so Lucketts is a bit of a drive for us - well worth it though.

I found a few great items for our study...

Tin pieced together "P" by Faulkenberrys

And another tin ceiling piece along with a candlestick - both picked up at the Lucketts Fair.

...and a few others to share just because they were so endearing or inspiring I had to snap a pick to pass them on.

Here is a quick gallery for your viewing pleasure :)

Styrofoam Sunflowers - so poetic!

More Sunflowers! :) 

Tin Heart! 
Crocheted Basket
Another Crochet Basket 

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