Friday, May 17, 2013

Flamingo Hat + Flamingo Fan = One Happy Flamingo Customer :)

YAY! :D You might remember my co-worker from Christmas, or from the flamingo amigurumi she had requested last year.

We decide to showcase not just her amigurumi flamingo desk buddy but also a few of her other flamingo things that make us smile :)
Yes, yes, that's a flamingo phone cover and yes, yes it's clever :) and yes, isn't she such a good sport to take these pics and let me share them with you?! :) Yes, yes I think so! ;)

Ahh! Cuteness times infinity! O.O ^-^

And here we are stoked that the hat is adorable on her :D ;) I mean, how could it not be? ;)

I promise to have the flamingo hat pattern available *soon* my family from the Midwest is coming to visit tonight and staying for a week (yes! :D) so I've not been quite so focused on the patterns as I had hoped to be for you faithful followers - I will make it up to you somehow!  

Feel free to add any comments and ideas for how I can make it up to you - not having the pattern ready to go yet :) ;).

Thank you for reading and viewing ! :D

♥ Dawn

***UPDATE*** 6/10/13 - the hat pattern is available for your crafting pleasure! :) 


  1. Replies
    1. flamingawesome right!?! ;) just kidding ^-^ Thank you miss! :) Always good to hear from you! :)

  2. very cute! the hat is amazing! :)



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