Sunday, May 26, 2013

Study Blanket - Round Two Complete!

I hope you are enjoying the photos of this blankets progress... I feel the need to document it as if part of this blogs purpose is to tell the story and share the timeline of production. I realized its been 4 months since I decided on the colors :) - and I understand why castles are not built anymore... not when people can shell out McMansions at record time. No, we live in a microwave world it seems - at times I find myself wanting to slow it down! :). I suppose that's part of the reason I crochet/knit and craft. ^-^

Alright - so onto the photos! Here they are folks! I now have 192 circles completed (33 of which are already assembled) to the 2nd row of green! :D

I received a few custom orders recently so I will be hibernating this lovely for a little while - before long  I will be adding the orange level! ^-^ This is the last level before putting them togther with the brown

I've been using this box to store and transport he project though it's kind of busting out at the moment! :) I may just pile the lovely circle on top just the same - for a mountain of circles! muhahahahhaaaa. ;)

How do you store your projects? 

Thank you for reading! :) ~Dawn

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