Saturday, March 16, 2013

Study Blanket Squares Update - 33 out of 192

 Here we are! 33 squares done and attached to each other just a bit bigger than a rug or baby blanket. We aren't  stopping there though folks! :) As the post title reads - this is just part of the beginning. At least 192 in total will be created and stitched together before I go to town on the edging... of which I'm looking forward to! :) I have a book with 150 crochet edges to choose from so it will be fun browsing the options when the time comes! :) 

Study Blanket in Sunburst Flower Granny Square Motif 33 of 192 connected! 
Study Blanket in Sunburst Flower Granny Square Motif 33 of 192 connected! 
 Because I found I really enjoy working with the green on 2nd round I've been working on the first level of brown and have a total of 81 done (what's on the blanket is included). Below you are looking at 48 brown circles :D. I'd say my favorite part of the whole blanket is the green because there isn't a whole lot of it - but there's just enough that it pops and makes the colors dance!

48 brown squares! :) Only 111 more to go! ;)

 I'm hoping to shell out a bunch more brown circles tonight but wanted to share the progress since it's been a lil while since I've given a status on this project.

 I have a custom order for a friend I need to tackle this weekend too - a custom carabiner :) similar to one I've done before but with a different embroidered symbol.

I hope you're having a good week! Any projects brewing in your neck of the woods?

As always thank you for reading! :) ♥ Dawn


  1. wow you are so talented, I love the earthy colours you are using :)

    Thats box is perfect to keep your progress in too, I need some of them to hide my mess lol


    1. Thanks Talking Trash and Wasting Time :) It's one of those wine boxes - I just could NOT toss it! This is real wood people! :D lol I'll admit I did not use the box though until after taking pics bhahaha :D It's pretty handy! Otherwise the circles were in piles of 10 on the couch which is fine but really, I need something to transport these lil dudes as I move around or need to put the project away for a bit. I'm up to 116 total circles as of Sunday morning! :D woop! woop! :D Thank you so much for your comments miss! :) I appreciate them! :D ♥ Dawn


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